ABC’s of the Word – J   7 comments


For more ABC’s of the Word visit Pam at Grey Like Snuffie

Posted September 24, 2008 by Lana G! in ABC's of the Word, Bible, Bible Verse Photos, Photo, Photography

7 responses to “ABC’s of the Word – J

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  1. So beautiful. I really like it.
    I tried to put lettering on mine but everytime I went to save it it erased the lettering :0(

  2. I get inspired by your creativity every week! I am also inspired by the verse you chose! Oh, thank God that he makes us to be teachable, usable, and special.

  3. Thanks for reminding us to be grateful and thankful… 😉 Bo

  4. AMEN–what a gift He has bestowed on us in all our unworthiness. Beautiful images.

  5. oh fabulous………I love the potter and the clay and spent some time watching a guy work one day and told him I would probably use him in a sermon one day….it was a lovely opportunity to tell The Story…..which is what your picture does so well.
    Lovely clever lady.

  6. A beautiful collage!

  7. Beautiful visuals Lana G!
    We are but clay in the Potters hands.
    Cori G.

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