A Girly Weekend of Joy!   7 comments

Oh what a weekend!  My nieces, Michelle and Melissa and I flew in from California to Washington on Thursday evening and from then on the fun never ended!  My niece Michelle celebrated her 30th birthday and her gift master minded by her sister Melissa was to have an “Anne of Green Gables Girly Weekend” up in my neck of the woods!

When we arrived in Washingotn we decided that Laura and Katie, my nieces that live up here in Washington were going to spend the weekend at my house so that they could spend as much time as possible with Michelle and Melissa visting from California – slumber party!! 

Here’s the weekend in a nutty shell:

Thursday evening – arrived from California, dinner and watched Miss Potter.

Friday – Girls slept in and enjoyed the morning reading and relaxing. Laura came by after working a half day and we then went to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens and Whole Foods to shop for our weekend!  Met up with Katie, had some snacks and started our Anne of Green Gables Marathon. We watched the first DVD – about three hours – So much fun – My sweet nieces sleeping under my roof – PURE JOY!

Saturday – Ebelskivers for breakfast – DELICIOUS!  My nephew Josh and my husband Steve joined us for breakfast and a walk and then the boys were sent away for the day so the girls could prepare for Afternoon Tea and the last four hours of the Anee of Green Gables DVD!  We made chicken sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, scones, cookies and had a delightful tea party! Katie was in charge of decorating the table.  Each spot at the table was individually decorated – Katie you are awesome!  Then came the Anne of Green Gables movie – OH SO WONDERFUL!

Sunday – we enjoyed breakfast with Josh, Dan and Steve joining the girls and then we went to the Japanese Garden in Seattle. We returned and had lunch together and enjoyed food, fun and fellowship. Our weekend was such a success, we decided it must become an annual event!

Open invitation to all my nieces – you are welcome any time! Come on up! May God richly bless each and everyone of you as I am blessed by each one of you! My heart is full of joy and love for each of you! 

7 responses to “A Girly Weekend of Joy!

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  1. My goodness it looks and sounds like an amazing and memorable weekend.

  2. Oh so sweet! I want to see more. It’s 5:15 I’m hitting the 101 at 5:30!

  3. sweet! looks like a great time (and I love the tea set!)

  4. I spent the afternoon with Miss and got a rundown of your weekend. She said it was just the mini vacation she needed and she and Michelle thought they were in heaven curled up in front of the fire with books to read and everyone there to enjoy. I think if you lived closer you might randomly find nieces snuggled down at your house. If you haven’t had the experience…Lana’s generous heart and gracious hospitality are often a source of refreshment to her family. (And you can take that refreshment to mean…refreshments like she fed you…or refreshment…like you leave her feeling refreshed:) Love you Lana.

  5. Ditto to what Kelly said…you are such an amazing aunt and I feel SOOOOOO blessed to have you in my life. Thanks again for about the millionth time. I LOVE YOU!!!

  6. This sounds like SOOOO much fun!!

  7. Refreshment is SUCH the perfect word! I’m thinking of that verse in Proverbs…something about “She who refreshes others will herself be refreshed” (some liberties taken… 🙂
    “Thank you” doesn’t even begin to cover it!

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