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  1. Those are VERY powerful words for me this morning.

  2. I would love to be one of those people who wake up wide eyed and bushy tailed and can hop straight into the word. After 3 years of 7AM quiet times at Bible College I am still at night time relection/prayer time person. Not that I am not talking to my Lord throughout the day and on the days when my mind is in gear I grab my Daily Light…old night and morning collections of verse on a theme. They are good to start the day.
    But two of the things I would change if I really could are my attitude to getting up, out of bed and dressed and my attitude to exercise. I think I suffer the sin of sloth, but that is not really true…….it is really an altered time table. Have just been out in the garden past 9pm at night pruning. Works well for me!!

  3. I’m thinking an oversized book of all your gorgeous pictures with scripture would be wonderful. The glory you get to see–thanks for sharing. How wonderful we have a glorious Friend who is indeed worth a wait in expectation.

  4. Beautiful mornings beautiful verse. Blessings on your day…

  5. Ah sometimes the waiting is the difficult part, but how wonderful to wake up knowing He is there and waiting for us!
    Have a wonderful day Lana G.
    Cori G.

  6. I love the verse – and the morning light in your photos!

  7. Beautiful verse! Seems like a few of us are searching the Psalms this week. I love them, they’ve helped me through some hard times, they are so beautiful and so comforting and encouraging!

    Have a lovely day!
    Margie 🙂

  8. Thank you for choosing such a meaningful verse. Isn’t waiting the hardest part, even when we already know He will have the right answer? Have a perfect weekend…Kathy

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