Blue Monday – Urn   16 comments

Happy Blue Monday!  I am still trying to recover from all the Thanksgiving festivities!

We went to the Goodwill on Friday to help stimulate the economy 🙂 and I bought this pretty blue urn…


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Posted November 30, 2008 by Lana G! in Blue Monday, Photo, Photography, Shopping

16 responses to “Blue Monday – Urn

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  1. I think you did well on stimultating the economy, and I think it smiled back at you with that wonderful vase! Neat! And if that wonderful vase goes missing, you know at which blog you may find it! 😉

    Happy Blue Monday!



  2. What a great find! How have you “used” it?

  3. O my goodness! It is absolutely glorious! Stunning shape and blue!

  4. I tell my husband that it is my job to keep the economy going. Unfortunately we don’t have amazing Goodwill’s like yours, so my purchases are not as thifty. I can not believe what you ladies find at your Goodwill. That is a beautiful urn.

  5. Love this ginger jar! Thanks for stimulating the economy; I’ll be doing some of that this week, too!

  6. oooo, I am LOVIN’ this pretty blue thing!! Just beautiful….
    love, bj

  7. The urn is beautiful. I have a few similar pieces. You got a return for your investment. Happy Blue Monday.

  8. OH! You are so lucky! I LOVE that urn!

    I am delurking here. I have enjoyed your blog so very much and I thought I better stop in today to introduce myself. Your blog is so exquisite that I can no longer keep quiet! LOL!

    I must have my fix of “Above the Clouds” every day!
    Cheryl from Cherdecor

  9. I go to Goodwill and see JUNK; you go and pick up a blue and white ginger jar! I’m moving into your neighborhood! Happy Blue Day!

  10. What a great find at GW. If I came across something like that here at our goodwill…it most likely would start a fight! Love this urn. Have a great week.

  11. Very nice! Sheesh nothing blue for me today! :0)

  12. Wow! Your Goodwill selections are better than my store’s finds. What a beauty. Have a great day.

  13. Hi!
    OOOOOH, that’s so pretty!! Great find! Thanks for sharing. Take Care!


  14. Just beautiful! Happy Blue Monday.

  15. That is a real pretty urn. I love the blues in it. You got a great find there.

  16. Yummy.
    I should really be joining in this one as I do collect blue items but there are a number up on the pelmet and getting them down is not my best game to play.
    Shall wait till there is someone taller and stable on their feet around.
    But that is lovely.
    Sad I have no more room.

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