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  1. :o) I so love this verse. I have learned so much about being still in front of Him and Knowing HE is our God.

    Beautiful verse and photo :o)


  2. Oh what a beautiful image of stillness! Love it…
    OBTW…I added a full size photo of that nativity and it was in that great store in Bellevue that I forgot the name of. You pass it when you go over the overpass from the hotel to Bellsquare by those restaurants you eat in :0)

  3. Gorgeous photo! Love the verse too!A reminder of us needing to be still and know that He is still God. Also it brings to mind the song “You’re Still God” by Godfrey Birtill.

    Blessings to you!

  4. That is beautiful. I love the way the picture is perfect for that verse.

  5. Stunning. You feel like you are right there.

    Happy WFW!

  6. What a way to start my morning! That image really caught my attention, made me stop, just as His words do. That verse is so simple but when you envision the words coming out of His mouth as He looks into you—glory it settles me.

  7. Happy WFW! That is magnificent!

  8. What a wonderful reminder! Thank you for sharing.

  9. Breathtaking! I love it. Very timely reminder for me. Happy WFW!

  10. Beautiful. That is one of my favorite verses. It’s also one that I often forget to put into practice!

  11. yes, yes! i need to be still before Him. thanks for the encouragement

  12. This is one of those verses that is just so meaningful to me. I just wish I was still and listened to God more than I do. A beautiful picture you chose to go along with it, too. Now I could be still and listen for days on end if I was looking at that view!

    happy WFW!

  13. beautiful

  14. So beautiful ~

    Have a great week ~


  15. My bestest verse…..mind you having used that childish expression I am caused to reflect, that it was not my favorite verse as a young child…the one that I think was is a vision in my cloudy mind at the moment, but maturity and experience has certainly made the verse above my favorite verse. To hold for myself and to pass on to others. Almost the all round tonic for all ills.
    Bother……..anyone else with Fibromyalgia who has Fibro fog, which a verse or thought or word just sits at the edge of the fog. In this case it was a text and picture either I or we had in the house when I was younger.
    Anyway, it will surface one day and by then I will not know why I wanted to remember it.
    In quietness and confidence shall be your strength, was a favorite for many years, but it is not the one that is hiding.

    I am glad your picture is not hidden. It is beautiful and matches the verse so well.
    I so enjoy your lovely photography and so wish so much of my earlier photo journeys were not on slides.

  16. the definitely makes me be still!

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