Monday Travel – NOT!   2 comments

In case you did not know,  I live in the state of Washington and work in the state of California.  I fly home to Seattle on Thursday afternoon and back down to California on Monday mornings.  Well, we figured that there would be issues today due to all the weather related delays and cancellations this weekend at Seatac airport. 

My flight was canceled this morning and I am now not able to fly down to California until Christmas Eve!  OH WELL!  I needed to finish my Christmas shopping down south.  Looks like there will be lots of gift cards instead of the actual presents this year!  Hope you all understand!  What’s funny is that hubby is flying down on Christmas Eve as well and I am now on the flight before his!  GO FIGURE!

We are hoping and praying that all will go well and that there will be no more cancelations or delays.  

Here’s what it looked like when we woke up this morning to nearly 11 inches of snow!


Posted December 22, 2008 by Lana G! in Christmas, Snow, Travel, Washington

2 responses to “Monday Travel – NOT!

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  1. Sure looks beautiful! Hey if you get any gift inspirations I could do some shopping for you :0)
    I posted a weather post too!!

  2. Oh Lana, I was wondering about you this morning. Christmas Eve? You and Santa may pass each other.

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