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Blue Monday & Tablescape Tuesday   51 comments

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Happy Blue Monday and Happy New Year!   I am combining Blue Monday and Tablescape Tuesday today so that I can show you my current tablescape for this week…


I wanted a table that was crisp and simple for the New Year.  I have been putting all the Christmas decor away and that always gets my nesting/orgnazing juices flowing!  Boy, have I been busy this weekend “getting my house in order”  – OH MY!

The blue plates were on clearance at Fred Meyer and I purchased those a few years back.  The silver chargers I just purchased at Sur La Table on clearance.  The white tablecloth was a wonderful find at the Goodwill along with the napkins and mirror centerpiece!  The silverware was a clearance item at Target that my sister picked up for me along with the mirrored coasters.  The sweet kissing Dutch youths were a gift as well as the blue vase.  The blue vase is from Russia.  The napkin fold is one I was excited to try from a book I recently purchased.  I like that you can tuck special items into the napkin or anything else to dress up the place setting.    I purchsed the silver wired ribbon and blue flowers from Michaels.   

Hope you have a wonderful week and as for me, I think there is another room that needs my attention, or maybe a drawer, or maybe some shelves 🙂

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Hymn for Sunday – Turn a New Leaf for Me   2 comments


Turn a new leaf for me, Father, I pray;
This one is blotted, O take it away;
Cleanse all its stains in the blood of the cross;
Let me in Jesus find gain for my loss.


Turn a new leaf for me, Father, I pray;
Turn a new leaf in my life-book today;
Pardon me graciously,
Deal with me wondrously,
Turn a new leaf in my life-book today.

Turn a new leaf for me, spotless and white;
Hold Thou my hand as Thy bidding I write;
Teach me with patience that never shall tire,
Let Thine own Spirit the record inspire.


Turn a new leaf for me; then, line by line,
Help me to copy the pattern divine;
O that Thine eye some resemblance might see
To the sweet lessons inscribed there for me.


Turn a new leaf for me, Father above;
Place there new proofs of Thy mercy and love;
Then shall this page of my life-book be bright,
Judged by the test of eternity’s light.


ht: The Cyber Hymnal

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