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Happy Blue Monday and Happy New Year!   I am combining Blue Monday and Tablescape Tuesday today so that I can show you my current tablescape for this week…


I wanted a table that was crisp and simple for the New Year.  I have been putting all the Christmas decor away and that always gets my nesting/orgnazing juices flowing!  Boy, have I been busy this weekend “getting my house in order”  – OH MY!

The blue plates were on clearance at Fred Meyer and I purchased those a few years back.  The silver chargers I just purchased at Sur La Table on clearance.  The white tablecloth was a wonderful find at the Goodwill along with the napkins and mirror centerpiece!  The silverware was a clearance item at Target that my sister picked up for me along with the mirrored coasters.  The sweet kissing Dutch youths were a gift as well as the blue vase.  The blue vase is from Russia.  The napkin fold is one I was excited to try from a book I recently purchased.  I like that you can tuck special items into the napkin or anything else to dress up the place setting.    I purchsed the silver wired ribbon and blue flowers from Michaels.   

Hope you have a wonderful week and as for me, I think there is another room that needs my attention, or maybe a drawer, or maybe some shelves 🙂

For Blue Monday click on over to Sally’s and for Tablescape Tuesday head on over to Susan’s

51 responses to “Blue Monday & Tablescape Tuesday

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  1. That is pretty! I love using blues. I have some things from Holland that are blue and white. I’ve tried to come up with something to go along with it all. I found some beautiful place mats with matching napkins, but that is as far as it went. This is beautiful. You have really sparked my desire to work on home interior decorating again! Hee hee, although hubby will be thinking, oh no, not again. 😉

  2. So pretty, so crisp and clean. I like the shiney added by the mirrors and the ribbon around the chairs!

  3. I especially love the blue dishes and the exquisite napkins. Everything looks so crisp and clean.

  4. White with blue does have such a clean look! The pure white cloth really is a nice canvas for the blue. Your table is such a nice size.

  5. That’s such a fresh, pretty table! Perfect for winter, but also great in the hot summer, I’m sure.

  6. Oh, very pretty! Happy New Year to you too!
    I know there are drawers and a closet or two (okay, maybe 3 or 4) that are calling my name! lol!

  7. Stunning! Very crisp and clean looking. Can I ask what you put over your chairs to cover them? I love that look and have lots of pretty things I could have fun with combining for a new look.
    Happy Blue Monday…

    Hi Kim! The chair covers are pillow cases!! 🙂 Lana G!

  8. Stunning! I’d love to sit at that table. Happy Blue Monday!

  9. Very lovely! What a wonderful setting for a friendly tea or brunch!

  10. Love your table! Very pretty!

  11. Gorgeous! Happy New Year and Happy Blue Monday!

    Peace and Blessings
    Cheryl..Snatch JOY!

  12. Love your tablescape combined with Blue Monday post! Happy Blue Monday to you!

  13. That is a gorgeous tablescape. I love the pocket fold of the napkin — I’ll have to see if I can find out to do that. Love all the blues. What a multicultural table!

  14. I would love to dine at your lovely table. It looks so pretty.

  15. Beautiful table setting, has that warm inviting look to it & it reminded me that I have blue willow dishes lol

  16. Blue and white is such a crisp, clean combination. perfect for a new year!

  17. Lana, very pretty! I love blue plates so much, and you’ve done a nice job with that table setting.

    Happy Blue Monday!


  18. I just discovered your blog and I really like it!! I know that I will visit often. Your writings and your pictures are beautiful and so meaningful. The table with the blue dishes is exquisitely done.

  19. Beautiful table the pattern is exquisite!

  20. Oh what a pretty table scape! Happy Blue Monday!

  21. Very pretty tablescape. Happy Blue Monday!

  22. How smart you are to combine the two events. the table setting is lovely and blue and white is always a beautiful choice. Very crisp and clean as well as pretty. Nice job.


  23. What a beautiful table. Can you come do my house next? I love the vase, and the little dutch children, and the flowers tucked in the napkin. My, I just love it all.

  24. Curious minds want to know……… you ever eat at the table setting once it is complete or do you just pack it away again.
    I think I would have to ask some friends over……..girl friend lunch or something.

  25. Your tablesetting is crisply exquisite. Lovely….

  26. Very pretty! It is refreshing to see after all the fall and Christmas decor. I love your added touches like the chargers and the added sparkle from the mirrors. Most of all I adore your cute little kissing kiddos! ~ Robyn

  27. love blue and white, so fresh and crisp. beautiful~

  28. This is such a pretty table! Blue and white is my personal favorite, too, and it looks great all year. The kissing kidlets are adorable :o)

  29. What is it about blue that makes a table gorgeous? I love your plates and the detail on the rims. Very clever on the chairs as well!

  30. Lovely, lovely tablescape! The blue just pops on the white tablecloth. Sounds like you’ve picked up a few bargins, don’t you love that? I love the way you’ve folded you’re napkin too! You’re just good at this. The vase is gorgeous and the little dutch children are too precious!
    Happy Tuesday!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  31. Lovely table! I especially like the mirrored centerpiece & the flower accents on the napkins & chair backs.

  32. You are so right.This looks so crisp and fresh.Great job…ann

  33. Looks lovely and very crisp! Blue and white is always so great together!

  34. I love the contrast and the simplicity of the blue and white! The silver adds just the right touch! The chair covers are pillowcases? Unbelievable! Love this post!…Debbie

  35. Love the blue & white. There is just nothing like it! I have files calling me to be cleaned out (stuffed with 2008 paperwork). Where are the elves or good fairies when we need all these chores done? Good luck on yours.

  36. So clean and looks like a new beginning.

  37. It is beautiful! I love blue and white, and all your little touches are lovely!
    The detail in the tablecloth, so pretty!

  38. Love the vase with flowers and mirror! Love the blue dishes! Just love it.

  39. love the blue—so beautiful


  40. Wow! It’s beautiful, Blue and white is always the formula for crisp. Deb

  41. Very nicely done! Simiplistic but lovely – just the right touch – love the blue and white. So fresh and a nice change for everyone after all the red and green of Christmas!

  42. Oh, it does look so crisp and fresh. It is all beautiful. The chair covers with the little sprig in the ribbon look so pretty. IMHO, nothing is better than blue and white, and this is a wonderful example. laurie

  43. Your beautiful Blue and White Tablescape makes me feel like a little French waiter is going to come around the corner, snap open a napkin and place in on my lap… Great job!

    Drop by French Lique any time! Dixie

  44. Lana…love this B & W table scheme…so crisp and fresh. What a find at Goodwill! And I am crazy about the napkin fold…gotta look that up online and see if I can learn that trick! 🙂 Thanks for a great post this Tablescape Tuesday! Susan

  45. Love the blue for the winter season…it’s so lovely and clean.

  46. Love the blue and white. It looks so fresh and yet still wintery.

  47. Hi Lana,
    Thanks for coming by and your kindness. I really do appreciate it.

    I must tell you I visited yours recently as well.
    I definitly remember the way you had decorated the backs of the chairs.
    I just LOVE that! I’m not sure why I don’t see my comment posted though. I apologize if it appears I visited so late.

    ~Beautiful Blues with the crisp White linens. Lovely TT and Blue Monday post! ~Melissa 🙂

  48. Thanks for visiting me . And for you nice comment. I love your blue and white. WE live in Dutch country. So, a table set like this is very traditional here. I think you did a great job!!

  49. Thanks for stopping by my blog, we live close to each other! I am just North of Everett.
    Gee your darl blues against the white, crisp and pretty! Alot of ladies like you are making me appreciate other colors these days!

  50. It just feels so completely….dreamy!

  51. So, so fresh and pretty…lovely just lovely!Have a happy week!

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