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Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch is hosting Metamorphosis Monday.  This is the first week of this wonderful event and I can’t wait to show you my closet reorganization project.  Since the New Year began, I have been on a de-clutter kick – in other words I have been nesting for 19 days now! (No, I am not pregnant 🙂 )  The de-clutter bug has decided to hang with me for awhile and I am going at it with gusto!  Here’s one of my many projects – My Closet!


This project cost me a total of $36.  The only items I purchased were the wire cubes and drawer boxes from Fred Meyer.  I filled FOUR 30 gallon trash bags with clothes that I will be taking to Goodwill.  I arranged my clothes in sleeve length order then by color.  You could get real fancy with this project and get matching wood hangers, but that would have limited my space.  Those hangers are huge and expensive!  Here’s the after shot:



I love the way it turned out and it truly reflects the de-clutter theme I seem to be pursuing! 

For more Metamorphosis projects, head on over to Susan’s and may you be motivated to get that project you have been wanting to do – DONE!

Toodles Noodles!

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23 responses to “Metamorphosis Monday – My Closet

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  1. That looks wonderful. I love an organized closet. I’m loving your new baskets. Great Job!!!!


  2. Wow…great makeover. You’ve inspired me to tackle my closet organization!

  3. Great job on your closet! I wish I had a closet that size!

  4. All I can say is, WOW! Can you come and do mine….. ? Great job, and great post!


  5. Hi Lana, Wow, this is awesome! I LOVE organizing so I’m loving seeing what you did here! 30 bags…now that was a lot of clothes! This looks great! I bet you can find things so quickly now. Thanks for sharing this transformation! Susan

  6. Awesome redo! We may be putting our house on the market in a few months (possible military move), so you’ve given me some great ideas. They say it’s a big selling point. 🙂 Isn’t it like having a weight lifted off your shoulders? I bought clear hangers and it helps with the open feel.

  7. I love it when I get bitten by the declutter bug! Your closet looks fab! 🙂

  8. This looks incredible. I love your mesh baskets.. girl.. you put me in the mood to tackle this myself… hugs ~lynne~

    lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart)
  9. Great job! I love the look of a well organized space. 🙂

  10. Wow…I so need to do this….I think it was about ten years ago when I last de-cluttered the closet.

  11. Awesome job! I need to do the same thing for our master closet! We just revamped the closets in the guestroom and my craft studio. I hope our master closet turns out as great as yours! Thanks for stopping by my blog to see my before/after photos!

  12. WOW! Almost inspires me to tackle my closet! Will put that one on my mental list.
    Thanks, Candy

  13. Wow! I need to do this!



  14. Inspiring Lana. I guess your photos also say don’t have a chair in the closet. It will only gather clothes like a magnet. My closet isn’t big enough for a chair so they end up on a chair outside the closet.

  15. This is great I soooo want to do this to my closet;) French

  16. Very impressive. Want to come help me??

  17. What a great decluttering project! How wonderful to have so much room. Sally

  18. Holy cow, what a difference. You did an amazing job on this, would you please come do my daughter’s closet lol. Thanks for your sweet comment on our kitchen.

  19. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and I am standing up in my computer chair, clapping to beat the band. You did sooo good, girl ! It looks fantastic and I can see why you are so proud of it. GOOD JOB…

  20. super job … and I thought it looked not-too-bad in the before pics, since you could actually SEE your closet floor :o)


  21. I do love this, Hubby built me a walk in closet, but I need to kick him out of it. I need more space. I have two double racks and one in back. I love yours. Do you hang dresses in the closet, thats always my problem.

  22. What a wonderful transformation. Love the baskets!

  23. This looks wonderful! Great job….now I’m inspired to do mine! Debra

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