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Blue Monday – Repeat   34 comments

Blue Monday Instructions

Happy Blue Monday!  When I posted about my miniature Le Crueset,


several people asked what I would do with it.  So, for Blue Monday this week, I would like to show you.   Today I made the Pioneer Woman’s French Onion Soup.  I find it humorous that I used an onion to show you the size and the first thing I used my Le Creuset for is to make French Onion Soup!



 Perfect size for this wonderfully delicious soup!!

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Metamorphosis Monday – A Redo   17 comments

Metamorphosis Monday


Happy Monday Everyone.  I had time to ponder my quick redo of my guest room and decided I needed to make a couple more changes.  Here is the after which is now the Before:



I think this is much better and will now be the real After…



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Sunday Worship – Your Love Will Find Me   4 comments



Your Love Will Find Me  Psalm 139

You were there when life began  
Spoken words became a man   
Formed in love my every part   
You caused the beating of my heart
You’re beside, behind, before You surround me    
You’re everywhere

You chart the path ahead of me 
Show me all that I can be
Every moment you are near     
In every step through every fear
There is nowhere I can go to be without You    
You’re everywhere

Looking to the heavens You’re there  
And in the dark depths of despair
Even there Your love will find me
Knowing that I’m never alone
Even if Your hand takes my home
To the other side of the sea                         
Your love will find me

Precious are Your thoughts to me   
More wonderful than I can see
As I cannot count the sand   
I cannot count the things You’ve planned
But when I wake up everyday to face the morning 
You meet me there                                 
You’re everywhere


words and music by Brian Doerksen and Steve Mitchinson

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