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14 responses to “WFW – Isaiah 59:1

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  1. Hi lana! Great verse today. Mr. linky was playing naughty today! but i’ve got him fixed and added you! 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed this.

  3. Those flowers brightened my day. Great verse, too.
    Happy WFW!

  4. Wow, and don’t you just rejoice in that!?! That photo and scripture have me rejoicing this morning. Thank you Lana! Beautiful!

  5. Beautiful Lana! I’m glad God’s is mighty to save..

  6. Beautiful photo for this verse. I love this Scripture and rejoice that God is Supreme and Able!

  7. I am seeing these sweet flowers everywhere and they remind me of my sweet Mammaw who had them planted all over her yard. Thank you for a sweet memory!

  8. Love the photo..I’m so ready for those to pop their heads out and bloom. Good timing for this Word today.

  9. Thank you for this encouraging verse and sweet photo.

  10. Beautiful flowers (I love daffs! Just wish the snow would get off the ground so I could see some in person!!) – and I love the verse too. So encouraging. Happy WFW!

  11. Great choice of scripture!! Happy WFW!!

  12. Oh this was just BEAUTIFUL. Love that promise, and the picture you choose to go with it.


  13. very lovely!

  14. Amen!!!

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