Blue Monday – A Throne   20 comments

Happy Blue Monday!  Hubby and I were down in California this weekend and we enjoyed a wonderful day at the beach.  We had breakfast and then walked along the beach.  We came across lovely blue water and blue skies and of course this blue throne fit for a king…


My response:  Fit for a King – Not for a Queen!!

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Posted March 8, 2009 by Lana G! in Beach, Blue Monday, Humor, Walking

20 responses to “Blue Monday – A Throne

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  1. Oh Lana, I almost too a photo of another blue throne just like this. It is in home remodling site I’ve been walking past. Not as pretty a view as the beach. Love your comment! I just can’t use those! Puey.

  2. is blue isn’t it, that means it’s for the King, they need a pink one for the Queen.

  3. LOL! Loved the throne. 😉

    Happy Blue Monday…


    Sheila 🙂

  4. LOL, fun post! Happy Blue Monday!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)
    Jacaranda Cottage.

  5. How funny! It is such a pretty color!

  6. lol I always call this the Necessary Room. Beautiful sky and palms. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

  7. LOL! I have to be pretty desperate to use one of these puppies:) I’m not a huge fan of them, but then again I’m sure a lot of people feel the same. HAppy Blue Monday
    Gina Jo

  8. Great…I would have never thought of that…

  9. Hee, hee! It definately is blue! You are so right that it really is a better fit for a king than a queen!!

  10. LOL! Everything is so beautiful until it got to the throne…Christine

  11. I have never heard them called a “Throne.” What a fun post. Happy Blue Monday!

  12. Definitely for a king. We queens deserve more.

  13. I have to be beyond desperate to walk into one of these things. Did you see the Monk show when he was shut up in one. That’s me!


  14. Wonderfully funny Blue Monday post,you are right fit for a king not a queen.

  15. Hahahaha….that’s funny!

  16. I’ve had a LONG day and needed a good laugh! Thank you! Running late this week visiting blogs….Hope you had a great Blue Monday!

  17. LOL!!!! So funny! That blue sky in the background is wonderful! I wish I was in the California sunshine right now!

    Thanks for sharing!


  18. Thanks for a great laugh! I agree, not fit for a queen. I do not like using those things! laurie

  19. This really made me laugh! I do like the blue skies though!!

    Happy Blue Monday!


  20. LOL. Didn’t see that one coming.

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