Blue Monday – Sky   13 comments

Blue Monday Instructions

Happy Blue Monday!  Today I am showing you the blue skies and the hawk that was keeping me company while I took a walk last Tuesday! 


Such a show off that hawk was; he knew I was taking pictures of him! 

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Posted March 15, 2009 by Lana G! in Birds, Blue Monday, Walking

13 responses to “Blue Monday – Sky

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  1. Nice shot of the show off!

  2. Shame on him for not holding still! Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

  3. What a beautiful sky!

  4. Wonderful photo…

  5. Lana, we count hawk’s to pass the time when we drive to Southern California. There are usually many to spot along the hwy. Your blue, blue sky is wonderful.

  6. Great shot! Is that a magnolia tree?…Christine

  7. Beautiful shot. Happy Blue to you :0)

  8. Such a pretty blue. We’ve noticed that we are seeing a lot of hawks all of a sudden. A sign of spring? I hope so.

  9. Nice hawk/sky shot!

  10. gorgeous blue sky! when I see the hawks around here I usually take my small dogs inside….juts in case! Happy Blue Monday ~

  11. Great shot, we have red tailed here in SoCal do you know what this is?

  12. That’s a great photo! Happy Blue Monday!

  13. Lana, your sky and photo of the hawk is gorgeous. I am longing for blue skies like this and the hawk is a bonus. Thank you for your blue today.


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