Metamorphosis Monday – Stove Top   9 comments

Metamorphosis Monday


It is Metamorphosis Monday Time!  Today, I am showing you the fruit of my labor!  I was cleaning my stove top burners and decided to make it a Met Monday post.  Glad I remembered to take a before picture!!


The after is so much better!  I used a Mr Clean eraser – boy that thing works well!

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9 responses to “Metamorphosis Monday – Stove Top

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  1. I am amazed at how well that thing works but don’t understand why it shrinks! Great job on your stove!

  2. I’ve never tried that product. Your photos are inspiring me to scrub on something with it. How long did you have to keep at it?

  3. Well done! It looks very nice.

  4. The Magic Eraser has been in my arsenal for a long time. So many uses! Just wish it lasted longer!! Great transformation Lana!

  5. Try the ones at the Dollar Store…$1 for two of them. I’ll have to check out both of them to see which one lasts longer, but the dollar store ones WORK~

  6. Can you come over? LOL

  7. Looks so good, you can do mine too if you would like!
    Linda Q

  8. I think those Mr. Clean erasers are THE best thing since sliced bread! Hey! They kind of look like sliced bread! I use them all of the time-I buy them in bulk at Sam’s Wholesale! Really don’t know what I did before they started making those things. I’m starting to sound like an advertisement. laurie

  9. I’m going to add one to my shopping list today!

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