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Spring Training in Arizona is not only about baseball!  If you come to Arizona for Spring Training, take a day and enjoy the spectacular desert beauty that Arizona offers.  We headed to Sedona on Saturday to do some hiking and exploring.  What a beautiful place to see and admire God’s glorious creation!


Sedona is home of the of the redrock monoliths named Coffepot, Cathedral, Bell and even Snoopy because their massive shapes resemble these objects.  The church in the collage above is the The Chapel of the Holy Cross.  This chapel is a great start to a day filled with hiking and exploring.


We also discovered the beautiful flowers and cactus of the Arizona desert.  I was able to get a picture of a bird finding some shade in one of the succulents.


There are so many hiking trails and scenic views in Sedona.  You really need more than one day to discover this beautiful area!  I would highly recommend a visit in spring – the temperatures are really nice for hiking at that time of the year!

Okay, we are now off to the Angel/Dodger game.  Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

5 responses to “Arizona in Spring

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  1. Gorgeous colours! My husband has always wanted to visit Arizona. I wasn’t so sure – there’s no ocean, you know. But after seeing your pictures I may have to change my mind 🙂

  2. Such pretty pictures. You could do a travel ad for Arizona! laurie

  3. Beautiful!! Such wonderful sights. I’m glad you got out and about!

  4. Beautiful photography and breathtaking view!…Christine

  5. Several years ago when I used to be “fit”, we rode our bikes through Arizona from the Grand Canyon south to Tucson during the first week of May. There is beautiful scenery in that state. It surprised me during the first part of the trip how lush and green and hilly it was before the desert portion. On a bike for hours in the desert…..that part I didn’t like so much.
    Love your photos.

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