Metamorphosis Monday – Heavenly Sunshine   24 comments

Metamorphosis Monday


Sunday afternoon was just beautiful here in the Pacific Northwest!  So, I decided I would join the crowds at Home Depot and buy some plants and flowers!  My deck needed some spring sprucing -it was feeling highly neglected!






Now, my deck is feeling less neglected!  Can’t wait to get the table out there later in May! 

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24 responses to “Metamorphosis Monday – Heavenly Sunshine

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  1. Oh I love the added interest and especially the height!! Well done and good choices!

  2. Beautiful!! Everything is so pretty, but I especially like the pots in the corner with the colourful flowers and little birdhouses.

    It’s still a couple of months before we can put plants out on the deck here…. but at least the snow is almost gone 🙂

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  3. OOOHH! Looks great!

  4. The mix of plants you chose is very pretty. I’m so ready!!

  5. yeah! bring on spring! you’ll spend lots of hours there!

  6. Awesome job! I love the textures and colors.

  7. I especially love the tall grass. I am a grass fan. I love them in large pots like you have done. You inspire me to start thinking about my own dreary back deck. Its pretty depressing right now. :-/ Thanks for sharing, Barb

  8. oh so beautiful, im staying right here, spring is in your area!

  9. Great job!

  10. Isn’t is wonderful what a few plants will do? Not only gift a lift to the space, but to our spirits as well!


  11. Oh…your deck looks great! I went to good ole HD today, too…and boy, was it crowded…despite the fact it was FREEZING here today. It actually got warmer toward evening time than it was at 2 in the afternoon. And tomorrow is supposed to be a high of 70…crazy GA weather! Can’t wait to spruce up my deck…thanks for the inspiration! Yours is beautiful! Susan

  12. very nice fresh look…nice to have spring…we had “SNOW” in SW MI today!! 😦

  13. Looks great! Your one little potted plant was looking kinda lonely there!! Happy Spring to you and your new additions! Hugs!

  14. The large purple grass(?) in the pot is my favorite–I am so ready to dig in the dirt!

  15. Loving the new LIFE the plants gave the deck Lana! 😉 ~CC Catherine

  16. I love the gorgeous pots and all the plants. A large pot is always so interesting. I want one to make a fountain out of. Yours are just gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  17. Looks fabulous!!! We also went to Home Depot & Lowe’s this weekend. There were a lot of people in the garden department. It’s that time of year.

  18. Looks nice! I know we are all ready for it to be nice and stay here in the NW huh! I am, then I will have to spruce up our patio, deck etc.
    Linda Q

  19. You did a great job! Love that big urn with the green coming out of it. Everything looks so inviting. I’d love to sit there for awhile. laurie

  20. Very beautiful! It’s still too cold where I live to do this with my porch — but I am eager for it to warm up soon!


  21. I used to live in Normandy Park. Your deck and backyard look just like mine did!! The pots all look so pretty and ready for some REAL spring!!

  22. Oh now this is wonderful! Where’s my cup of coffee?? I’ll just sit here a spell, if you don’t mind! Have a great week…Debbie

  23. Love it! Can’t wait until it is warm enough to start sprucing up the outside area again. It’s been snowing here again. 😦

  24. Looks great, what a nice porch to hang out on…Christine

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