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22 responses to “WFW-Perfect Peace

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful. The best kind of peace!

  2. beautiful. And what Peace He gives.

    Happy WFW 🙂

  3. Awesomely beautiful.

  4. Gorgeous! I needed to read this verse today.

  5. amazing love….. thanks for this post!

  6. So beautiful picture and vers
    Blessed WFW


  7. Very pretty. Great picture for this verse.

  8. Love this scripture! Hope all is well, Lana!

  9. Oh I love Magnolias…….they are so elegant and peace is somehow elegant to me…I know that sounds odd but if we are centered and at peace, there is a certain beauty and elegance that is missing in the busy hustling person.

  10. Very nice.Thanks for Sharing… Happy Word-Filled Wednesday!

  11. What a beautiful flower & amazing peace!

  12. Oh.. that is beautiful! Both the picture and the verse… I think I need that framed!

  13. oh how true!!

  14. what truth you have shared so beautifully!

  15. Just beautiful – the picture AND the verse of course. Happy WFW!

  16. AMEN!

    Very well said there…and so true! Love the photo too!

  17. Love it. Happy WFW!

  18. I love your choice for scripture & picture.
    Happy WFW!


  19. Oh how beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing today.


  20. Gorgeous post! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  21. wow, so lovely!!!

  22. Just gorgeous ~

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