Metamorphosis Monday – Mulch   15 comments


Spring is definitely in the air here in the Pacific Northwest.  I got the gardening bug this weekend and spent late Friday and most of the day Saturday putting down mulch/beauty bark.  Here’s the before look:


And 13 bags of mulch and a few new flowers later  – here’s the after…


It smells of spring and I love how clean and fresh the beauty bark makes it look outside! 

I’m ready for a massage, hot bath and glass of wine!  My chiropractor will have her work cut out for her on Tuesday!

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Posted April 19, 2009 by Lana G! in Garden, Metamorphosis Monday, Outdoors, Spring

15 responses to “Metamorphosis Monday – Mulch

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  1. Lana…I know just how you feel…I’ve been weeding, picking up limbs and sticks from the storms, cutting grass and putting annuals in pots…on my aching body! Funny how those muscles don’t get used when blogging. LOL
    You bed turned out beautifully! I’ve never heard of Beauty bark. I used this stuff called “hardwood mulch.” I like the color and it lasts so much longer than pine straw…which is what is so commonly used here in GA. Is Beauty Bark a pine bark?

  2. Lana, Wanna come over and help me with my 3 acres ? I am never short on yardwork ! The bed turned out lovely ! Thanks for
    sharing ! Hugs ~ Kammy

  3. The next thing you should do is schedule a massage! Your hard work shows and paid off! I love that stone wall!

  4. Lana – come on over I could use your back and muscles. I will be getting a dump load of mulch dropped off in the driveway this week. I even have an extra wheelbarrel for you yo use! LOL It looks so fresh and clean. It totally changes the look of your home. I know the work is hard but it makes you feel so good when you see the dramatic change. Good job! Thanks for sharing, Barb

  5. I like the new look. We have been doing so much work in our yard too and it seems like it never gets done. Lucky you for getting it finished and it looks nice too….Christine

  6. Looks so fresh and clean. So we are on the same vein this week :0)
    Your lawn is actually grass, though…

  7. I love working in the yard! Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day here so I’m hoping to get some flowers planted myself. All your hardwork has paid off…everything looks great!

  8. Very nice!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  9. Good morning, your yard looks very nice! Have a great Monday!

  10. It looks beautiful! I know the feeling….we spent all weekend cleaning up, rolling yard, and cutting grasses etc….! I went to my chiropractor today and he asked me what I had been doing! LOL! Luanne

  11. It looks beautiful! Wonderful MM Post! 😉

  12. I’ve been gardening and soon the bags of mulch will be coming — for my herbs, I like cotton burr mulch but use cypress everywhere else. Your plantings look lovely.

  13. Bill put some mulch down this past weekend too. I spread some out on a flower bed yesterday until I got to sweaty, it was 90 degrees yeaterday. Your beds look so uniform and clean.

  14. This looks great! You have given me some ideas with your layout and the way you used the pots. Have a great weekend!

  15. Do you have to replace that mulch every year? It looks so nice!

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