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20 responses to “WFW-Citizenship

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  1. wow what a beautiful photo…. I love the words eagerly await! That is how I feel so many times!

    Happy WFW!

  2. This is gorgeous! A great photo to go with a great verse. Blessings!

  3. That photo is just amazing…and the verse, what a lovely reminder!

  4. What a great photo with that verse.

  5. Amen, Come Lord, Jesus! Great picture and verse combo.
    Happy WFW and Blessings

  6. Hallelujah! My citizenship is in heaven! The best is certainly yet to come. Thank you for your beautiful post.

  7. This is breath taking-love it. Thanks for sharing today. Oh how my soul is encouraged- beautiful pictures and scriptures.

  8. Hey I really like this one!!

    Great idea…

    Hope you have a blessed WFW♥

  9. Oh wow!!

  10. Beautiful picture! I love love love this verse! I’m eagerly waiting, too. I love my life but I cannot wait to get Home to Heaven.

  11. More and more eagerly every day!

  12. Oh yes and oh so pretty!

  13. gorgeous! and I am eagerly awaiting!

  14. Blessings Lana…once more as the photo opened I was in awe & this photo is simply breathe taking!
    I’m there. Today, I’ve seen various “clouds”…this is AMAZING! Well chosen verse to this gorgeous
    photo ABOVE ALL ELSE! I could gaze on this all day! Thank you! May the LORD shine brightly as you enjoy WFW & this week!

  15. What a wonderful verse. Ah…Eagerly await….such sweet words of expectation!

  16. WOW love this I saved it to look more at it
    Thxs Happy WFW


  17. Beautiful job!

  18. Such a beautiful brathe taking photo.

  19. Just gorgeous, thank you ~

  20. that is spectacular.

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