Blue Monday-Gift   25 comments

Blue Monday Instructions

Happy Blue Monday!  I received this special gift from our friends we had dinner with last weekend.  Perfect for Blue Monday!


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Posted May 10, 2009 by Lana G! in Blue Monday, Friends, Friendship, Gifts, Photo, Photography

25 responses to “Blue Monday-Gift

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  1. What fun!! I like it.
    I’ll be posting more photos soon…too cute! I posted one on facebook…

  2. I really like it, the saying, the bird, everything! Very nice and not too cutesy!

  3. This is just as cute as can be….

  4. How wonderful! The sentiment is beautiful as well.

  5. Wow!! It really is divine for blue Monday!

  6. Charming token of ‘The Blue Bird of Happiness’
    Cheep! Candy

  7. Good morning Lana, I love your bluebirds gift. Bluebirds are so pretty and we don’t get to see too many.
    Have a fun and happy day.


  8. Very nice…

    Hope you are enjoying a wonderful day!

  9. Perfect for Blue Monday. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi Lana, lovely….so pretty!

    Happy Blue Monday.


  11. Hi Lana,
    It is so tweet! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. A thoughtful gift! I like anything with birdies on it. Happy Blue Monday!


  12. This is neat. I like it.

  13. I love little signs like these…you can use them so many places…

  14. What a nice gift!

  15. What a nice gift. I just love anything to do with birds. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  16. A true Blue Monday participant….always on the lookout something that’s Blue. What nice friends you have.

  17. Neat gift! I like the saying.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  18. Now that is a cute gift to receive.

  19. Great gift…would that be the bluebird of happiness?

  20. what a wonderful gift! I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Happy Blue Monday ~ Susan

  21. What a fabulous blue monday post,and even better a gift from friends makes this so special.
    Thank you for sharing today.

  22. Great little blue bird!

  23. Love bluebirds!

  24. happy Blue Monday! love the birds and the writing..

  25. So pretty and so unique. What a thoughtful gift. laurie

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