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Tam over at The Gypsy’s Corner is hosting Three or More Tuesday.   Today I wanted to show you what some pretty good sized thunderheads look like at 37,000 feet. 


the upper portion of a cumulus cloud characterized by dense, sharply defined, cauliflowerlike upper parts and sometimes by great verticality.

I am on an airplane usually two times a week and I am constantly awed by what is outside the window of a plane.  Here are three too many thunderheads on my flight home last Thursday evening!

Starred Photos28

You know, they really do look like cauliflower!

May 281

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14 responses to “Three or More Tuesday

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  1. Those pictures are amazing and very scary. I have never seen anything like them before.

  2. Wow! That’s really something isn’t it?

    Makes you a little nervous??

    Blessings and have a great week.
    barbara jean

  3. Wow! Love your thunderhead pictures. Those are awesome! They do look like cauliflower. I always marvel at how different they look from above.

  4. Wow, I guess they are scary, too, but man are they ever gorgeous!!!

  5. I try to take cloud photos from the plane window too, but they never turn out like yours.



  6. Way cool!

  7. Definitely a work of art by none other than our Creator!…Christine

  8. Fantastic photos…great idea! Pictures of God’s universe are the most spectacular photos ever made.

  9. awe-inspiring! and a little nerve-wracking.

  10. Wow — amazing pictures. Nature is beautiful and frightening! I love your description of the clouds looking like cauliflower — they do! and I always think, when i fly in over wooded areas, that it looks like we’re about to land in broccoli. 🙂

  11. Wow! Those photos are gorgeous! You have captured the beauty of these clouds, but I’m sure if you are on an airplane, it would be sort of frightening to see them all around you. Like the way you made them into mosaics. laurie

  12. How beautiful. I love riding on a plane and watching the clouds.

  13. GO GOD!!!
    i love his work 🙂

  14. Wow!

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