Mosaic Monday & Blue Monday   34 comments



I so enjoy discovering all the little creatures and treasures in the garden!

Click here for Mosaic Monday.  Click here for Blue Monday!


34 responses to “Mosaic Monday & Blue Monday

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  1. Oh I love this one. Look at that great sunshine and your blue flowers!

  2. i like finding things in the garden too!
    maybe tomorrow i’ll go hunting again 🙂

  3. Gorgeous garden photos!!! Your mosaic is amazing!!! I love the little birdhouse!!!

    Happy MM!!!

  4. There is so much going on in a garden if you look closely. Great shots too!

  5. What a darling bird house!

  6. What a fun little bird house. We planted some new things today and marveled at the little critters crawling around in the dirt…

  7. Beautiful photos..what a sweet little birdhouse. Happy Blue Monday.

  8. You have an eye for nature.Great Mosaic!

  9. Hi Lana,
    Love the birdhouse! Happy Blue Monday!


  10. Gorgeous Photo…

  11. This is great. I am the same way, always looking for the things we don’t see with the naked eye to capture in camera.

  12. Love love love the little birdhouse!! I need a birthday so I can ask for one of those 🙂

  13. Beautiful mosaic…

  14. Love all your pictures… Happy Blue Monday…Happy Mosaic Monday.

  15. Beautiful flowers and mosaic arrangement!

  16. your garden is really a stunning spot ~ your grouping shows peace and tranquil moments


  17. Love your pictures, great mosaic!

  18. I love the touches of blue in your mosaic. Your photos are lovely. I’m so glad you shared them with us. Blessings…Mary

  19. Oh yes, half the fun of wandering in the garden is discovering such wonderful creatures! I’m so glad you shared this beautiful collection of images at Mosaic Monday. 🙂

  20. A beautiful mosaic! I just love that little red gate garden shop birdhouse – what a fun little thing. Have any wrens moved into it?

  21. This is such a pretty composition. I love the clear detail of the spider and bee.

  22. How beautiful! I love the spider picture! You’ve even captured the web!…Debbie

  23. Howdy Lana
    Wow a double bleesing today.
    I love it !
    Thank you for all the many delightful photos.
    I am so thrilled to see the sweet little garden spider was not too botherd with all the picture taking.
    So many beautiful flowers you have.
    Take care.
    Blessings of joy to you .
    Happy Trails.

  24. Ewww. Little creatures give me the Willies! Thank you for sharing anyway. Happy Blue Monday.

  25. The flowers are beautiful, but I LOVE that birdhouse*! SO ADORABLE*!!! _Ashley*

  26. beautiful beautiful shots

  27. Beautiful! The bee is a fun capture. I love seeing everything in a mosaic – I will have to check out Mosaic Monday too!
    Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

  28. Gorgeous Lana! Hope you had a Happy Blue Monday ~ Susan

  29. Great photos! Love that little bee!

  30. Love your mosaic! The spider on the web is really awsome. Hope your Monday has been delightful. Sweetpea Sue

  31. great mosaic and photos too!

    happy Monday

  32. Oh, it took me a moment to find the critters — what a clever mosaic! lovely thank you for sharing!

  33. Gorgeous mosaic and that is the cutest bird house ever!
    Have a great week!
    ~Really Rainey~

  34. I’m loving your flowers, but not your spider so much….Ewww! Happy Monday! ~ Robyn

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