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Alaska – Day One   7 comments

We had a really early flight from Seattle to Anchorage on Sunday.  We arrived in Anchorage around 8:30 in the morning, got the rental car and headed out to Snow City Cafe for breakfast before we started our 200 mile drive for the day to Copper River!  What a great place for breakfast! Quirky decor.  Delicious food!  Great start for our trip. These are a few pictures of Steve and I and the cafe. 


We stopped in Parker before our long drive so Steve could send a couple of emails in a spot where we knew there would be internet access.  We both have air cards which makes travel quite convenient! We were just not real sure of the coverage or connection capability we would find along the way.  So, while he was emailing – I was garden browsing at the Palmer Museum! 


With the emails, shopping for snacks and getting ourselves organized for the road trip out of the way, we started our drive to Copper River where would be spending a couple of nights before our next drive. Here are the photos of the day…


One word: AMAZING!


So much to see – so glad that we chose to drive. It was really nice to be able to pull off the side of the road and take a bunch of pictures whenever we felt like it with no agenda or time schedule to worry about.   We found great subjects to photograph and  beautiful scenery to marvel at! 

Steve bought a book called “Scenic Driving Alaska and the Yukon”.  It detailed points of interest and told you at which mile markers you would see these points of interest  – very helpful.


And this is where the day’s journey ended.  We are spending two nights at the Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge.  They have a jaw dropping view of the Wrangell Mountains and plenty of trails to walk as well as the Copper River for salmon fishing if you are so inclined.  We chose walking the trails and watching as others fish for salmon.  We decided to eat the salmon at the restaurant rather than fish for it!

We were exhausted by the end of the day.  Sleep came fast and easy and we are now ready to start a new adventure.  I will be sharing more as the week goes on!

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