Blue Monday   24 comments

Hello!  Would you like to watch the sailboats in Seattle on this Blue Monday?

July 301


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Posted August 9, 2009 by Lana G! in Beach, Blue Monday, Photo, Photography, Washington

24 responses to “Blue Monday

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  1. What a great photograph with the sailboats shadow, too! Love it…

  2. That would be the sailboats reflection…

  3. THAT is an amazing shot. Thanks for sharing this!!

  4. That is a really neat sail on that boat. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one that looks like that. WOW! Thank you for sharing that with us.

    Happy Blue Monday…


    Sheila 🙂

  5. OMG! What a beautiful photo!
    I am having a big book giveaway. Hope you’ll check it out!

  6. beautiful photo.

  7. What stunning sails. A truly beautiful shot, perfect for Blue Monday.

  8. Now that is a perfect blue.
    Enjoy your day!

  9. Wow! So pretty. Beautiful photo!…Christine

  10. Perfection!

    Becky K.

  11. great capture…well done

  12. Very nice picture. You did a wonderful job on the photography.

  13. How perfect is that! Your photograph is truly spectacular.

  14. Wonderful!
    Happy Blue Monday

  15. Very nice photo…..seems like a relaxing place. Happy Blue Monday.

  16. WOW!!! Perfectly awesome photo!

  17. Wow! Beautiful reflection in the water. Great photo!

  18. Howdy
    Happy Blue Monday to you .
    What a fabulous photo.
    Thank you for sharing such a relaxing picture.
    It makes one feel like they are on a vacation.
    Blessings of joy to you today and for the coming week.
    Happy Trails

  19. I can almost smell the salt water! Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

  20. Ahhh…so peaceful and serene. Just beautiful!
    Happy Blue Monday!


    ~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

  21. Beautiful!

  22. I haven’t tried being in a sailbot, but I did ride on a bangka (a small boat in our country). It was exciting but at the same time scary when I feel I’m on the edge and it’s all waters. I don’t swim so I have this feeling of the boat toppling over and poor me! LOL I do like to enjoy water at a safe distance or maybe on a large boat where it doesn’t topple over just easily 🙂 Oh don’t remind me of Titabic! LOL

    Happy Blue Monday!


  23. O! if my dear heart sees this photo we will be off!! to find a yacht some place to take a trip on. the ocean is “his passion!” Lee-ann

  24. This is a great shot Lana. You have such a good eye for capturing a scene.

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