Round Robin Photo Challenge – In Motion   9 comments


The challenge this week :  capture objects in motion, whether it means moving the camera to keep up, or capturing the blur of movement against a static background…  I chose a soccer game I went to earlier this summer:

Starred Photos17

For more pictures in motion, click on the Round Robin button!

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9 responses to “Round Robin Photo Challenge – In Motion

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  1. Great action pictures Lana – love the way you caught the players in the air.

  2. This is the kind of motion I really enjoy especially when they are the Seattle Sounders!! Great shots and good idea for motion Lana!!

  3. Such great athletes!

    I played too 🙂

  4. Hi Lana

    🙂 Very nice presentation! I was hoping to see some sports shots. I really like the four different views. Nicely done!

  5. same style as mine I used football pic

  6. Very neat pics — I love soccer! It’s a game with a great deal of motion, all right.

  7. I think this is my first visit here. You take wonderful photos. I love the fall collage and the mosaic right below and this series certainly shows motion…I wasn’t quite so creative with… Michelle

  8. Some great action photos. A nice interpretation of the “motion” theme.

  9. Great action pictures!!

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