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Blue Monday   20 comments

October 312

Happy Blue Monday!  If you were in my neighborhood on Halloween, these were the candies you would have received!  We are rarely home for Halloween, so I wanted to make sure the kids knew I was open for business!  We are at the end of a cul de sac and it could be pretty frightening trying to decide if you should venture down to our house.  I decided I would try to light my house up as much as possible and I even put out some tiki torches as well.  I had  a great turn out and was pleased that all the candy was gone at the end of the evening!

Best comments of the night:

“Can I have three, oh no four because today is my birthday?”

“I’m not allergic to peanuts just house dust.”

And of course the two year old little Cinderella who grabbed my candy bowl so she could pick out her favorites!  Her parents were so embarrased and I was laughing my socks off! 

It really was a delightful evening!

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Mosaic Monday – Fall Leaves   12 comments

October 311

My yard was filled with the many colors of fall this weekend! 

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