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These were taken at the Bellevue Botanical garden. They host a fund raiser called the Garden of D’Lights at Christmas time. It is a wonderful light show with unique displays of light!

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Posted January 3, 2010 by Lana G! in Photo

24 responses to “Blue Monday

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  1. Beautiful Lana! I recognize most of them! I missed some of them too. Are those jelly fish? I totally missed the fish and jellyfish!!

  2. Stunning! that is just beautiful!!

  3. Some of the most beautiful Christmas lights I have seen in awhile. I am sure seeing it first hand would have been breathtaking.

  4. That’s a lovely display of lights.

    My Blue Monday post. Have a blessed 2010!

  5. Beautiful lights!

    Sharing how we Welcome 2010. Have a great week!

  6. What beautiful lights! SImply amazing! All the best for 010! Happy New Year! Sherri : )

  7. What glorious blues! Too wonderful to save for Christmas!

  8. Stunning! So magical!…Christine

  9. WOW this is amazing. I have never seen anything like this. Thanks for sharing this beautiful photo.

  10. I have never seen Christmas lights done in a “garden” way…..very nice!

  11. Wow they are very pretty lights…Happy blue Monday. Mine is ready also.

  12. Very lovely!
    Glad you were able to enjoy them.
    The weather and the common cold
    got in the way of our usual trips to
    Longwood Gardens this Christmastime.

    Becky K.

  13. Gorgeoous, Lana; how I wish I could visit this wonderful light show. Happy Blue Monday!

  14. beautiful pictures. love the vivid colors, the blues are stunning.
    Thanks for sharing

  15. beautiful pictures! that’s looks like a great palce to visit!


  16. What wonderful photos. Thanks so much for sharing this display with us. The light show is just beautiful. Happy Blue Monday.

  17. Fantastic light show! Thanks for sharing!

  18. those are beautiful! thanks for sharing!

    u may view mine here

  19. Oooo, how beautiful! It would have been wonderful to have been there to see in person. Magical. Happy Blue monday~

  20. What a vibrant and sparkling blue lights. Happy Blue Monday!

  21. Wow very pretty, we have a Botanical garden in St. Louis too and I haven’t been for ages. This really makes me want to take a trip back. Have a great week!

  22. Wow! I love the blue water with the swan.

  23. Wow! Beautiful lights and color. The swan is gorgeous.

  24. Lovely shots! Love the swan and all that blue!

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