Blue Monday-Christmas Revisited   26 comments

Since I was taking a bloggy break during the month of December, for Blue Monday I decided to share this collage of our office Christmas party that was held at the Richard Nixon Library. 

The library is beautiful and the room for our event was a replica of the East Room – simply stunning!  It is so close to the original, that we all felt like we were crashing an actual White House party! 🙂

For more Blue Monday posts, head on over to Sally’s – bring a jacket it’s pretty cold in her neighborhood right now!

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26 responses to “Blue Monday-Christmas Revisited

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  1. That really is a wonderful venue for a party! It really looks great. I can’t believe that while mom and pop lived in Yorba Linda I never visited!! Ugh! Beautiful mosaic and funny about crashing a White House Party! LOL…

  2. Thanks for taking me on this wonderful tour of the Nixon Library. Great place for a party.

  3. This is beautiful! Great mosaic!
    And I’ve actually been feeling a little down with the holidays over so it was nice to see this belated Christmas post!
    All the best,

  4. Great venue and wonderful collage of photos. I bet it was a fun evening. ~Kate

  5. What a cool idea for a party. I love the “marines” in their uniforms. Happy Blue Monday.

  6. I’m surprised Nixon has such a grand memorial, since he was disgraced! I must study my history more carefully!

  7. Wow that is stunning! I would LOVE to see more pictures! Happy blue Monday to you and welcome back from your blogging rest.

  8. How wonderful! Do post more on this, very nice.

  9. What a fitting tribute to a former president; he did some marvelous things, but is more often remembered for the end of his presidency. I love the napkins! What a cute idea, Lana.

  10. wow thats beautiful! 🙂
    u may view mine here

  11. Beautiful mosaic of the Nixon Library. I visited there during the pre-Christmas holidays too. In fact, I also posted for several memes from there during late November or early December. It’s a lovely place and I can see why you felt like you were crashing a presidential party.

  12. wow this looks very formal and would be a super place to see

  13. Wow! Everything looks so stunning. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  14. Wow if the party is like that here I will really go. Happy blue Monday.Mine is ready.

  15. Amazing mosaic of such a beautiful place for a party! Love all the Blues:)
    Thanks so much for sharing this magnificent place..

    Happy Blue Monday!

    ~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

  16. Nice mosaic. Looks like a large party!

  17. Oh very pretty room thanks for sharing!


  18. Great Blue Monday Pics! Looked like an amazing event !
    Happy blue Monday !

  19. Nice collage and your office is huge.

  20. Howdy
    Oh how fabulous !
    Thank you for sharing with us today.
    Happy Blue Monday to you .
    Blessings of joy to you for the rest of the week.
    Happy Trails

  21. What a gorgeous place to hold a party. Your collage is a stunner. Have a great Blue Monday.

  22. What a great place to have a party. I could see why you would feel like you were crashing the White House. Everything looks so authentic.
    Thanks for sharing

  23. A very patriotic and cool mosaic!

  24. What a great mosaic for blue Monday! Have a great week.

  25. You must have had a great time. I never would have guessed that there was the possibility of a par-tay at Richard’s. Thanks for the peek inside.

  26. Wow! How exciting! I love the mosaic but the party must have been so fun!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment!

    Kindly, ldh

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