Mosaic Monday-Magnolias   24 comments


My Magnolias burst into bloom this week so I thought I would share them with you!  Happy Mosaic Monday!

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Posted March 7, 2010 by Lana G! in Flowers, Garden, Mosaic, Mosaic Monday, Photo, Photography

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24 responses to “Mosaic Monday-Magnolias

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  1. So pretty Lana! Love the mosaic!

  2. Love Magnolias! Here in the Carolinas there are a lot of them…..very pretty mosaic

  3. Lana, so pretty, fresh and white! Love it!

  4. Mine are not open yet, but soon. Your photo’s are wonderful.

  5. Omigosh, they are gorgeous! No flowers here yet, except for snowdrops, but it was beautiful and warm today! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work, Lana! 🙂

  6. I love magnolias! Very nice.

  7. Ooooooooo, how pretty. I thought about going out to take pictures of several new blooms, but I lost the light…blame it on the laundry. Lovely!

  8. Oh my I’m so envious of these beautiful flowers already! We just had a tease of springlike weather this weekend so in all seriousness I think they’re gorgeous, thanks for giving us a glimpse of what’s to come our way ~Jeanne!

  9. That’s a beautiful collage–the white is just lovely. Nice job.

  10. Ahhhh. Magnolias smell soooo good! Beautiful photos!

  11. Beautiful…I’m remembering the smell of my parents tree…

  12. The perfect subject for a mosaic!!! Gorgeous shots.

  13. Oh, the signs of spring! Love the water droplets on your magnolias!

  14. What a beautiful mosaic they make!! Can’t wait till spring up here in the north!!!!

  15. Wonderful magnolias!
    Happy Mosaic Monday..Luna

  16. Oh, I can almost smell them, you are so lucky to be enjoying beautiful flowers right now. . .We are a few months away from spring flowers still :~(

  17. I had flowers on my mind too – spring is right around the corner!

  18. Oh My, the magnolias are beautiful and I know you are glad to see them blooming. Hopefully with the rain today here in Texas, tomorrow will bring something blooming for spring. Nice Mosaic.

  19. I love Magnolias! They are wonderful & smell divine!
    smiles, alice

  20. This mosaic is beautiful, Lana. The Magnolia blossoms are amazing!

    Kindly, ldh

  21. They are beautiful, but I’ve never been around magnolias, sugar. Are they fragrant?

  22. Such a pretty sight for us northern girls – sadly, we cannot grow Magnolias here. Thank you for sharing this beauty with us today!

  23. Gorgeous magnolia..I bet they smell so good!

  24. Sooooo pretty!

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