Mosaic Monday – A Fall Weekend   20 comments

The weekend in pictures…

I am linking up to Mosaic Monday over a Mary’s Little Red House!

Posted November 7, 2010 by Lana G! in Fun, Mosaic, Mosaic Monday, Photo, Photography

20 responses to “Mosaic Monday – A Fall Weekend

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  1. Very nice. Love how our Sunday turned out.

  2. It looks very much like fall…except for the poinsettias, which me think of winter. 🙂

  3. Beautiful! The waterfall, pumpkins, steeple, poinsettias … such a delightful grouping! Gorgeous.

  4. Stunning mosaic, love all the photos.

    A Garden of Threads
  5. Love the chicken’s hairdo! 🙂

  6. What a nice composition for the last of Fall and beginning of cooler weather in readiness for winter. Pretty Funky Chicken ya have there.

  7. Pretty weekend! looks great!

  8. A wonderful mosaic.

  9. A very pretty autumn mosaic! I love your blog header. I’m always snapping photos from my airplane window when I fly coast to coast.

  10. Poinsettias! Wow, I always associate them with Christmas.

  11. I love the striations on the hay bale….bet those would be a cool macro shot. The poinsettias are a gorgeous variety. I still can’t believe it’s November. Looks like a wonderful weekend!

  12. Wonderful mosaic…Very festive and colorful! Thank you for stopping by and your kind words!

  13. What gorgeous photos! So full of color and variety. I’m your newest follower.

  14. Such gorgeous colors and textures! (And I love your Scriptures in previous posts … beautiful pics and certainly beautiful words…) Thanks for stopping by. YES, you definitely want to drop by my Etsy shop and get some of the Restoration linen cleaner. Can’t tell you how many old linens it’s helped me save through the years!

  15. Love all the fabulous fall colors!

  16. What a great mosaic. Love it

  17. Such a beautiful mosaic ~ especially the poinsettias! The chicken/rooster is really awesome too 🙂

  18. I love the colors of fall. You captured some fun pictures!

  19. Looks like a wonderful weekend! Lovely images & mosaic 🙂

  20. What beautiful posts! thanks for sharing your beautiful heart with us.

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