Lazy? Proverbs 26:14   3 comments


Posted June 29, 2013 by Lana G! in Bible, Bible Verse Photos, Photo, Photography

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3 responses to “Lazy? Proverbs 26:14

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  1. Hello Lana G.,
    I looked for your bible verse reference and saw that it is from the ERV translation. Also, I noticed that you have Bible Gateway as a link. I use BG regular. I am not familiar with this translation, however researched further and see that is the Easy-To-Read translation. I usually use the Amplified translation for a better reading. I believe that many people may appreciate the ERV translation. Great work in posting photos with a bible verse. This idea had crossed my mind, too. Be Blessed. Shirley B.

  2. Word correction – I use BG regularly.

  3. Nice…

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