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Lana G!

I am a Christian striving to follow Jesus and to learn more and more about the Nazarene!

I live in the state of Washington and work in the state of California, which puts me on a plane usually two times a week.

I am married to my wonderful husband Steve.  We were married in 1988!  We have no kids but we certainly enjoy all our nieces and nephews!

We enjoy traveling and that gives me the opportunity to take pictures and add verses to the pictures I take, which has become quite a passion!

May you be blessed and refreshed after visiting my blog!

~All pictures on my blog are photos I have taken unless otherwise noted!~

Posted March 4, 2007 by Lana G!

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  1. OK, this is just tooooo fun!
    You’re already bookmarked in my blog “favs”.
    You GO w/ your bad self, and I’m looking forward to reading (and learning!) much more!
    ~ Svet

  2. Wonderful blog.
    Thank you for your contributions! I will continue to enjoy them.


  3. Thanks for stopping by Maria – I love your blog too and will be strolling by and spending quality time there!!!

  4. I have a tag for you and a “word” challenge. Looking forward to your creativity and insight. 🙂 Feel free to pass it on.



  5. Thanks for stopping by! If you will email me, I will be happy to send you the code for the Recipe Roundup Button!

  6. I was looking for a particular song, “My Savior’s Love” and I found it here. I am interested in your site, for I feel a connection in the Spirit. God is so good to connect His Body together even over the internet.
    I was thinking of that verse “For me He died in the garden. He prayed “not my will, but Thine” . He had no tears for His own grief but sweat drops of blood for mine.”
    Oh, what a Savior we have. And, through my great grief over my 23 yer old daughter’s passing last year, I am finding He is more than a Savior. He’s my best friend and cares so for all of us.
    Thank you for sharing all the wonderful blessings on this site.

    Brenda, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I could not even imagine the sorrow. Blessings on you as you go through this season in your life. May you find comfort and joy in our Savior. You are welcome here anytime!

  7. Lana,
    I have the Celtic Woman CD, A New Journey. I have listened to the song The Blessing. I would like to have it sung at my wedding in October of 2007. I have been looking for the sheet music but have not had any luck. Could you possibly help me out. I would be forever greatful.

  8. Hey Lana… great BLOG site. Thanks for your visits to mine… and the good comments. We are together, you know… in diligent persuit of the Nazarene.

    Warm greetings to Steve.


  9. I got here randomly, but I like your blog 🙂


  10. Free helps for all Christians on my website.
    God Bless!!

  11. As listed above. I assmed the website would be automatically listed for others to see and it was not, so here it is: http://www.dmofgcm.org.

  12. Wow! Lana, you’re an amazign photogrpaher! And the verses that go with the pictures are awesome too!

  13. Hi Lana G…

    Great Blog you have here… Just would like you to know that I have used an image file from your post here – https://airmiles.wordpress.com/2007/06/04/

    Here’s the link for my blog if you would like to check it out – http://www.pinoyapostolic.wordpress.com

    I hope you would not be offended. If by chance there’s any reason that would make me remove the image file, please do let me know and I will willingly remove it.

    Again, great blog you have here. It’s great to see more and more Christian websites and blogs on the Internet.

    Thank you and may the Lord bless you.

    Pastor Felix Ortinez

  14. Thank you for what you are giving here. It is a blessing and a privilage to partake. I am new to all this blog stuff but I have added you to my blog roll… Nipper

  15. Hello! I ran across your blog by following Blue Monday links. I just had to stop to introduce myself because I’m Lana, too! In fact, I’m even Lana G. I’ve only met a handful of “us” through the years, as I’m sure you have. LOL You have a lovely blog.

    All the best,

  16. I was looking for the lyrics of the hymn “Wonderful grace of Jesus” and your blog came up # 1 in the search! I am also a wordpress blogger 🙂 Merry Christmas from Bolivia!

  17. Hi, Lana. What a gift you have in matching your beautiful photographs with scripture.

    I used one of your photos, and included a link to your blog, before I spotted your request for written permission. I apologise.

    How would you like me to contact you for future permission if I use any other photos? I did not notice a ‘contact me’ box on your pages.

    Best wishes


  18. Lana,
    I couldn’t find a place on your blogsite to “follow you” or respond to a comment you made on my blog. Can you advise?

  19. I happened upon your site while doing a search on Dogwood Trees. I love your photography and how you have set scriptures to it. That has long been a desire of mine to do the same. Blessings to you from Oregon!

  20. As a collectioner of birdhouses you certainly will be interested in my creations that are far out of the ordinary.
    Feel free to take a look on my ETSYsite :http://www.etsy.com/shop/karelsdingen?ref=pr_shop_more

    Admire His days and have a nice one ! Karel

  21. I am looking for an image that was on facebook, it was of the Krupas coffemaker with the scripture verse Psalm 107:9

  22. i lana…i like ur blog, am looking for word with landscapes…could you please post them…

  23. How do I obtain “permission” to use your poem “Out in the Fields”? I love it and want to share it at a Women’s Cursillo weekend coming up in November.
    Thank you.
    Harrilyn Beehner

    Harrilyn Beehner
    • Hello Harrilyn, Out in the Fields is a poem by Louise Imogen Guiney. You can use her poem just reference that the poem is by her. The only thing you need permission from me for on my site are my pictures. Other than that feel free to use the poem. Hope that helps!

  24. Thank you!

    Harrilyn Beehner
  25. Hi, I found your blog because I’m looking for other blogs like mine. My blog is https://fluffygolarky.wordpress.com/ May God bless you today!

  26. May I use the picture of the lock for a powerpoint for our Bible study?

  27. Sure.

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