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Sky Watch – Turbulence   22 comments

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Hymn for Sunday-Christ in His Word Draws Near   1 comment

Christ in His Word draws near;
Hush, moaning voice of fear,
He bids thee cease;
With songs sincere and sweet
Let us arise, and meet
Him Who comes forth to greet
Our souls with peace.

Rising above thy care,
Meet Him as in the air,
O weary heart;
Put on joy’s sacred dress;
Lo, as He comes to bless,
Quite from thy weariness
Set free thou art.

For works of love and praise
He brings thee summer days,
Warm days and bright;
Winter is past and gone,
Now He, salvation’s Sun,
Shineth on every one
With mercy’s light.

From the bright sky above,
Clad in His robes of love,
’Tis He, our Lord!
Dim earth itself grows clear
As His light draweth near;
O let us hush and hear
His holy Word.

Thomas Toke Lynch

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Sky Watch   15 comments

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Airplane Randomness   4 comments

As you all know, I spend a great deal of time on airplanes.  I also spend a great deal of time with my camera.  So, when you combine the two – airplanes and cameras – you can have quite a bit of fun or randomness. 

Here’s how I amuse myself…

Sudoku is my ritual when I first board the airplane. If there is something humorous or interesting on the plane, I will definitely take a picture of it.  For instance, I loved the way my apricot snack looked in the sun.  I cracked up at the “glass” of wine I was served (I couldn’t finish it!)  I was enthralled by the prism the glass produced!

So, what’s so interesting outside the window of a plane?  Isn’t the view basically the same? 

Oh my friends,  it is always awe inspiring looking out the window of an airplane…

Whether it be sunrise or sunset, there’s always clouds, clouds and more clouds!

Sometimes there’s smoke

There’s also the plane itself as well!

So you see – from California to Washington there’s never a dull moment on the airplane and the views are ever changing!

Every view is a constant reminder of how awesome our God is and creation shouts his praise!

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Sky Watch   30 comments

Oh it has been such a long time since I have participated.  Things have been crazy lately! 

Here’s my Sky Watch for this week…

I took this shot on our flight home from Chicago last week. 
Do you see the skeletal looking hand?

For more SkyWatch photos, click the badge below:

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