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Friday’s Fave Five   8 comments


Happy Friday Everyone!  Here are my Fave Five for this week!

 Fave Five

  1. Taking a walk with Hubby and our friends’ dogs on Thanksgiving.
  2. Thanksgiving table at our annual Thanksgiving feast with friends and family.
  3. My new shabby chic candelabra showing off my fun Christmas candles.
  4. Goodwill shopping and then having tea at Madame Fifi’s with family. This is a picture of me and my sister Ellen.
  5. The Disneyland gang (my sister Kathy, nieces Melissa, Debbee and Michelle and great nephew Jack) enjoying our evening at Disneyland.  We have annual passes and go almost every other week at Christmas time!!  Disneyland is amazing at Christmas.  If you have the opportunity to go – YOU MUST GO!

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Friday’s Fave Five   15 comments

Happy Friday everyone!  Here are my favorite five for this week…



1.  Going to Disneyland on Tuesday evening and seeing it all decorated for Christmas.

2.  Decorating my table for the holidays.

3.  Beautiful sunrises out my office window. 

4.  My acorn candle.

5.  Coming home from the airport in a stretch limo because the shuttle service messed up my reservation! 🙂

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Fridays Fab Five   10 comments

Happy Halloween Everyone! Here are my Fave Five for this week:

We’ll start from #5 and work to MY #1 FAVORITE!

5.  Izze Grapefruit Soda – Love this drink!

4.  My front door all dressed for Fall.  I won’t be home for a couple of weeks so seeing this makes me happy.

3.  Sunrise outside my office window.  You would think I work out in the country somewhere instead of on the 7th floor in the city!

2.  My friend Mr. Squirrel who will miss me very much until I get home!

1.  THIS IS MY ULTRA FAVORITE THIS WEEK! This is Miss Hope my niece!  I am visiting her in Dallas and having an absolutely fabulous time!

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Friday Fave Five   13 comments

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for Friday Fave Five hosted by everyone’s favorite – Susanne at Living to Tell the Story!  Here are my Fave five for the week!

1.  Seeing the moon out in the middle of the morning last Saturday!

2.  Driving down the street and seeing all the trees boasting of Fall!

3.  Watching the movie Juno – oh my did I enjoy that one!  (Rated PG-13 for good reason)

4.  Having my favorite comfort food – pilimeny – Russian dumpling soup!  Thanks Nick and Vera!  Delicious!!

5.  Leaving the scorching heat of Southern California!  It was over 90 degrees there today and that was near the beach – YIKES! 

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Friday Fave Five!   12 comments

My Fave Five this week was really easy!

1.  The Anne of Green Gables Girly Weekend with my nieces!

2.  Eating, talking, laughing and enjoying my nieces!

3. Having the nieces spend the weekend at my house!

4. Throwing a wonderful tea party while they were here!

5. The sunset shot coming home this evening!

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