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August 301

A couple of Saturdays ago, Hubby and I went to Camas, Washington for a BBQ.   We enjoyed a relaxing day out in the country atmosphere.   Always enjoy driving long stretches of highway with the hubby, soaking in the beautiful vistas  found in the state of Washington!

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August 27

Just another beautiful evening in the Northwest!


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While in Alaska, we saw glimpses of the Alaska pipeline here and there in the distance.

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You would see it way off  up in the hills and then it would disappear and you would not see it again for miles and miles. 

On our way down to check out Valdez, Alaska, we saw it right near us on the side of the road.  It was so close that we decided we would try to find a way to get as close to the pipeline as we could.

Alaska Pipeline

Yeah, I’d say this is pretty close! 

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Oh what a wonderful day I had on Saturday exploring the Juanita Wilderness Park!  Check out all the creatures  that made an appearance…

 Starred Photos37

 A Beaver!

 Starred Photos39

All the babies being fed!

Starred Photos40

This little rascal wanted to be in all th pictures!



 Bull Frogs! Check out those legs!


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The oh so regal Blue Heron


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Taking it slow and easy!


June 274a

 I am so sorry about the quality of this picture!  My camera was really struggling to find the bald eagle to focus on.  He was way up in a pine tree and in order to see him you had to catch him just right between all the branches!  This is a juvenile bald eagle who happened to take his final flying lessons on Saturday.  Mama bald eagle came and toppled the nest shortly after he made a couple of flight runs!  AMAZING!


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