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I am reading a book called Sabbath by Dan B. Allender.   Here’s what the book flap says…

Sabbath Rest is not an option; it is a commandment.  But Dan Allender says we’ve lost the true meaning of the day.  The Sabbath, when experienced as God intended,  should be the best day of our life; it is an invitation to delight.  “Sabbath is the holy time where we feast, play, dance, sing, pray, laugh, tell stories, read, paint, walk and watch creation in its fullness,” he tell us.  “Few people are willing to enter the Sabbath and sanctify it, to make it holy, because a full day of delight and joy is more than most people can bear in a lifetime, let alone a week.”

I’m half way through the book and it is very intriguing:

“We are not to work on the Sabbath because it takes us out of the play of joy.  It is as bizarre as making love to your spouse, but getting out of bed during the process to cut your lawn or wash dishes.  Such an offense would do far more than spoil the mood; it would be a direct assault on the integrity of joy, announcing that a mundane chore is more pleasurable than sexual joy with your spouse.”

See what I mean!

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Grant that we lie down in peace,

Secure in Thy protecting love,

And shelter us beneath Thy wings

To keep us safe throughout the night.

On the morrow raise us up

In perfect peace to life, O God,

To face each task with faith in Thee,

Our zeal renewed and strength restored.

Save us for Thine own name’s sake,

And guard us from all lurking foes.

Remove all sorrow, hatred, strife,

And turn Thy children’s hearts to Thee.

Spread Thy tent of peace, O Lord,

Above Jerusalem, we pray,

And shield Thy people, Lord

Dispersed abroad in every land.

Praise be Thou, our Lord and King,

Whose sheltering love spreads over us,

Enfolding all who seek Thy peace,

Who find their hope and strength in Thee. Amen.

~Evening Service – Sabbath and Festivals~

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Evening Service – Sabbath & Festivals   3 comments

From the Sabbath and Festival Prayer Book…

Evening Service – Sabbath and Festivals


Bless the Lord who is to be praised.

Congregation and Reader:

Praise be to the Lord who is blessed for all eternity.

Praised be Thou, O Lord our God, Ruler of the universe, who with Thy word bringest on the evening twilight, and with Thy wisdom openest the gates of the heavens.  With understanding Thou dost order the cycles of time and variest the seasons, setting the stars in their courses in the sky, according to Thy will.  Thou createst day and night, rolling away the light before the darkness and the darkness before the light.  By Thy will the day passes into night; the Lord of heavenly hosts is Thy name. O ever-living God, mayest Thou rule over us forever.  Blessed be Thou, O Lord, who bringest on the evening twilight.

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