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Mosaic Monday – 2009 in Pictures Collage   15 comments

January –  Snowy winterland at home in Washington

February – Walking the Southern California beaches with hubby

March – Spring training in Arizona

April – Blooming Tulips

May – Disneyland delight

June – Seattle Sounders game in California

July – Alaska Vacation

August – More Disneyland Adventures

September – Walking around Kirkland, Wa with hubby

October – Tea Time in California

November – Thanksgiving with family and friends

December – Garden of D’Lights

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Metamorphosis Monday – Spring Flowers!   19 comments

Metamorphosis Monday


Welcome to another round of Metamorphosis Monday hosted by Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch! Today, I would like to bring you a little bit of Spring on this first Monday of March.  Here’s the corner of my deck I like to decorate with potted flowers in the dead of winter…


Here are my flower choices for Spring…


A quick note about the cat on my bench – it is the neighborhood cat.  We do not know who owns this cat, but he seems awfully content to sleep on my patio furniture!  He relaxed the entire time I repotted my plants – lazy little bugger!

Have a fabulous week everyone!

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Snowy Pacific Northwest   4 comments




I am off to California tomorrow.  Pray that the weather and the airports behave!

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Monday Travel – NOT!   2 comments

In case you did not know,  I live in the state of Washington and work in the state of California.  I fly home to Seattle on Thursday afternoon and back down to California on Monday mornings.  Well, we figured that there would be issues today due to all the weather related delays and cancellations this weekend at Seatac airport. 

My flight was canceled this morning and I am now not able to fly down to California until Christmas Eve!  OH WELL!  I needed to finish my Christmas shopping down south.  Looks like there will be lots of gift cards instead of the actual presents this year!  Hope you all understand!  What’s funny is that hubby is flying down on Christmas Eve as well and I am now on the flight before his!  GO FIGURE!

We are hoping and praying that all will go well and that there will be no more cancelations or delays.  

Here’s what it looked like when we woke up this morning to nearly 11 inches of snow!


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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!   3 comments

Wow, what a gorgeous weekend here in the Northwest!  As I type this,  it is snowing – hard.  We have had 8 inches of snow so far.  Here are the highlights of the weekend…


The picture of the cat who likes to hang out at our house was taken Saturday morning before the real storm hit in the evening.  All the other photos were taken on Sunday morning. 

We also enjoyed our annual holiday get together with the neighbors.  We were supposed to go out for dinner but we ended up hanging out around home because of the snow storm.  We had a progressive dinner and enjoyed it so much we decided we should do this every year!


I am supposed to fly back down to California tomorrow morning – OH MY – that will be interesting!!  🙂


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