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A Walk in the Park   4 comments

What a wonderful day I had today.  It all started when I looked out my window and saw that the Pacific Northwest was going to have a glorious sun shining day!  I geared up and headed out for my visit back to the Juanita Bay Park to explore more of this wonderful wildlife refuge.  Here is my first collage.  I even threw in a picture of me all ready for the chilly weather:


What I learned, is that there are some serious bird watchers with some serious sized cameras, tripods and binoculars out there!  WOW!  And, here I came with my camera measuring 2¾” x 2¾” square fitting in the palm of my hand along with my gorilla pod! 

“Umm, hi ya’all! Great day for photos!”  🙂

They had backpacks and gear strapped to them like they were ready to have a photo shoot with the President. I was amazed. But, these “professionals” were not going to deter my hunt for my own amazing photos.  I got me some pictures of some birds and ducks and such! 

The first set is of a Red-Winged Blackbird who was posing quite nicely for one of those “professionals”.  I inched my way as close as I could to get my own photos of the pretty boy without disturbing or scaring off Mr. Blackbird…


I then was off to see what else I could find.  Once you are in exploration mode, your senses are all at attention.  You listen, see and smell all the wonders.  You become a Sherlock Holmes of the Wilderness.  My next discovery was an American Robin.  She was perched up in a tree and I was able to get pretty close to her.


The last collage I would like to share with you is of the ducks I saw today.  These love birds were so much fun to watch.  I almost felt like I was invading their privacy…


Thanks for letting me share my day! 

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Sun, Sun, Sun   5 comments

When the sun comes out in the winter in Northwest – IT’S A BIG DEAL!  So, I bundled up and went on a photo shoot!  Did I mention it was 36 degrees? But it’s SUNNY! CLEAR! and GORGEOUS! Most importantly, It’s NOT RAINING!

First stop, local vantage point to see the glorious – Mount Rainier!


She was in rare form today!  My oh My!

Then I was off to Lake Washington.  I made several stops along the way. My goal was to take as many pictures before my battery ran out!  Here are my favorite shots of the nearly 300 pictures I took today!


Thank you Lord for the sun today. Thank you that it is a holiday and I get to be home and enjoying it to the fullest!

Now it’s time to go make some cookies! 🙂  That is the next thing on my holiday at home list! 

(I might even post about it! Go figure!)

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