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Tablescape Thursday – Valentine Tea   16 comments

Tablescape Thursday




Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.   Grab a scone or two on your way to check out all the other tablescapes.  I poured you a “hearty” cup of tea to take along with you!  Enjoy!  Make sure you take one of the chocolate candles as a little Valentine gift!  Just click on the cute button up above and that will take you straight to Susan’s for more tablescape fun!

Tablescape Tuesday – Tea Party!   16 comments

I had the pure delight of having my nieces over my house for a Girly Weekend. My niece Michelle turned 30 and her sister master minded an Anne of Green Gables slumber weekend at my house!  We had a tea party and my niece Katie was in charge of table decor.  The above was her creation for the event!

Here are the girls enjoying tea!

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Blue Monday – Tea Anyone?   19 comments

This is one of the place settings at the tea party I had with my nieces this weekend!

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Tuesday Tea Review   4 comments

Sunday afternoon I dropped hubby off at the airport and decided to check out downtown Seal Beach.  I saw this really cute shop called the Back Porch and then noticed a tea room, the Fairy Tea Cottage, right next door that was actually open on Sundays.  I decided to check it out.

The tea room was plain and simple with lace tablecloths draped over a solid tablecloth.  These were covered with a glass top.  You also had a choice of hats to wear for your tea experience! 

The service was nice.  The tea (Fairy Tea Special Blend) was delicious.  I chose the Queen of the Fairy Tea which included: Traditional pot of tea; Homemade scone with Devonshire cream and jam; Soup of the day or garden salad; Assorted Fairy Tea Cottage sandwiches; and choice of dessert.

The way they served each of these items was different from my other tea room experiences. Each, course I guess we’ll call it, came out one at a time.   I want you to notice that in the above description of the Queen of the Fairy Tea, there is only one item that is plural – sandwiches.  No three tiered plates with little miniature goodies on each plate. I received one scone – nice sized – but only one.

The soup was from the Soup Kitchen and they donate an equal portion to someone in need through their food banks.  I thought that was a great touch!  I just wish I had the sandwiches at the same time so I could enjoy the soup and sandwiches together. 

The sandwiches were very tasty and they had a great variety of interesting combinations.  I was hoping for the same variety in the scones and the desserts. 

When I finished trying  the different sandwiches, the dessert tray was brought around and I had the choice of one LARGE dessert.  I wanted to try all of them and I think it would have been nice to have that opportunity.  I wish the desserts were offered just like the sandwiches – a variety and bite sized!

So, all in all, it was a nice experience – just some things I would definitely do differently if I owned the place.

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Birthday Tea with Ellen B!   6 comments

My sister Ellen took me to Madam Fifi’s Tea Room for a belated birthday lunch!  Oh my was it a treat!  Madam Fifi is just a delight!  If you find yourself in Bothell, you MUST enjoy a cup of tea at Madam Fifi’s!

We had the Grand Tea for Two and it was grand indeed!  YUMMY!

Madam Fifi also has a bakery with wonderful cookies, scones, brownies and other mouth watering treats!

Of course there is a gift shop at Madam Fifi’s as well!  I bought some teas to take home and enjoy!

Thank you Ellen for introducing me to this wonderful place for tea and thank you Madam Fifi for a delightful birthday lunch!

Madame Fifi’s Tea Room in Bothell