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Ephesians 3:17-19 – A Valentine Prayer   2 comments

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Tablescape Thursday – Valentine Tea   16 comments

Tablescape Thursday




Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.   Grab a scone or two on your way to check out all the other tablescapes.  I poured you a “hearty” cup of tea to take along with you!  Enjoy!  Make sure you take one of the chocolate candles as a little Valentine gift!  Just click on the cute button up above and that will take you straight to Susan’s for more tablescape fun!

Tablescape Thursday-Valentine’s Table   36 comments

Tablescape Thursday


This week I would like to share my Valentine’s Day table with you. 


I love heart shaped dishes and since I couldn’t decide which ones to use I ended up using one of each of the sets I have…


Three out of the four sets are from Fred Meyer and the one in the lower left hand corner is from Sur La Table.  I think setting the Valentine’s table is second only to setting my Christmas table.  I love how the red makes everything seem so vibrant!



Hope you all have a wonderful week leading up to Valentine’s Day!  Enjoy a special meal with your loved ones!  For more Tablescape Thursday posts, visit Susan by clicking on the Tablescape Thursday button above!