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Blue Monday – Japanese Garden   21 comments

I went to the Japanese Garden on Saturday with my sister Ellen.  The weather here in the beautiful Northwest was just gorgeous on Saturday and we decided to go and see if there were any signs of spring budding yet. 

The ducks, turtles and fish were all basking in the sunshine!  Always a treat to visit this garden!

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Mosaic Monday   24 comments

Took a walk today and these were some of the views.  Glorious!

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Mosaic Monday – 2009 in Pictures Collage   15 comments

January –  Snowy winterland at home in Washington

February – Walking the Southern California beaches with hubby

March – Spring training in Arizona

April – Blooming Tulips

May – Disneyland delight

June – Seattle Sounders game in California

July – Alaska Vacation

August – More Disneyland Adventures

September – Walking around Kirkland, Wa with hubby

October – Tea Time in California

November – Thanksgiving with family and friends

December – Garden of D’Lights

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Outdoor Wednesday   8 comments

August 27

Just another beautiful evening in the Northwest!


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Blue Monday   12 comments

Happy Blue Monday!  Here’s another dragonfly I was able to grab a photo of this weekend!  Hope everyone is enjoying summer!

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