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Wildflowers in Winter – Week 8   11 comments


Week 8 – March 5 – 12. The First Wildflower of Spring photo challenge.

Be searching for wildflowers in your area. Try to find the first one blooming and post a photo of it on your blog.

We just returned from our vacation in Hawaii and I went outside to see what if anything in our yard had started blooming.  I was surprised and pleased to find these blooms:



Spring is really coming!

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Wildflower Art   5 comments

Week 6 – February 20 – 26. Wildflower Art – Share art made by you or someone else that features wildflowers.

I found this piece at the Goodwill.  It was on the “Collectible” shelf which means the price is a bit higher than what you would expect at Goodwill.  I LOVE IT!  It was $14.  A steal in my opinion.


I want the person who created this to know that I absolutely love their work and I am enjoying it completely! Thank you for the time and effort you took in designing it!  You make me smile – a lot!

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Stiching Up Wildflowers   6 comments


Week 5 – February 13 – 19. Stitching up wildflowers – creations made with textiles (fabric, yarn, thread etc.) and featuring wildflowers in some form, made by you or someone else.

I have lots of linens with wildflowers or flowers in general stiched on them.  Many of them were gifts and the most precious items are the ones made by my maternal grandmother (Babushka in Russian).  The items that were done by my Babushka are in the third row of this collage:


 My sister has also posted items made by my Babushka and gives a little background on her.  I also did a post back in June  in honor of her and that also has some of her work pictured there as well.  Here is a cute picture of Babushka with my niece Debbee:


Babushka is always the first person who comes to my mind when stitching is mentioned.  Great memories!

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Wildflowers in Winter – Week 4   9 comments

Week 4 -February 6 – 12. Wildflower in the Home – Decorating with wildflowers. Show us dishes or other decorations made by you or someone else that you have in your home. Save the fabric decorations and paintings or drawings for the next two weeks.


I love wildflowers.  This is my china set.  I love the simple, subtle country elegance of this set.  I also found this hand decorated garden plate at the Goodwill.  It makes me smile!

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Wildflowers in Winter – Literary Flowers   7 comments


This week’s theme is: Week 3 – January 30 – February 5. Literary Wildflowers – Stories, quotations or poetry about wildflowers written by you or someone else. Or write a book review about a book that features wildflowers, such a guide book, picture book, travel guide or something about wildflower gardening, etc. Or Write about some special places/trails/areas to go searching for wildflowers that you are familiar with. Tell about the best time of year to go there, and what you might see. Share photographs if you have them.

Song to the Creator
By Lana G!

Walking up the path to the crest of the hill
I came upon a sacred breathtaking scene.
An Artist had left a masterpiece in living color –
A hillside bursting forth with joyful, vivid blooms.
Hundreds of wildflowers gracefully swaying in the breeze
Were reaching out to touch their Maker’s face.
Each one reflecting His beauty in radiant splendor
They were seeking only to glorify Him in shameless praise.
My heart could not keep silent.
I joined the earthly chorus
We were singing Hallelujah to our Creator
We were singing Holy, Holy is His name.


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