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Bee Whisperer!   7 comments

What is it about me and bees?   On Thursday I was working in my office in California and heard what sounded like rain on my window.  I knew it was not raining because the Santa Ana winds were blowing and it was 80 degrees outside!  I looked out the window and there were hundreds if not thousands of bees flying full speed at our windows.  Here’s what our offiice building looks like:


 As you can see,  it is one of those mirror like buildings.  We are not sure if they thought they were attacking what they thought were other bees coming at them or what.  It was bizarre and lasted a good half hour.  These poor bees were tired and a little stunned to say the least after smacking up against our windows! 

After the smacking came a time of rest.  Guess where they decided to rest!  You guessed it – MY WINDOW!  Again I ask, what is it about me and bees?!  Here they are resting…


Because of all my BEE Experiences, my co-workers are now calling me the Bee Whisperer!  Oh bother!

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Exhausted…   4 comments

I must explain my break from blogging.  I wish I could say that this break was a restful time of vacationing somewhere fascinating and tropical, but I can’t.  It was a long extended weekend of moving our offices from the fourth floor to the seventh floor of the same building.  We moved to a much larger office space and my oh my – I am exhausted, bruised and glad it is somewhat finished!

The move started Friday evening and ended Saturday evening.  We spent Sunday unpacking and getting our offices put together so that we could be up and running by Monday morning.  It was a weekend of late nights and early mornings with lots of activity in between. 

Today, Monday,  was the day I felt just a tad out of sorts in our new location because I kept trying to remember where I had unpacked items, how to operate the new phone system as well as remembering to not press 4 in the elevator but press 7!   

At about 3pm my body said – DONE!  NO MORE! I then started dreaming about massages and long hot bubble baths…

Today is almost done. I had to check in to say, “I’m back”! I don’t even have pictures of my new office yet!  Shocking I know!!  I will post those later.  I do have a great shot of the sunset I took while driving home this evening though…

Sweet Dreams!

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