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Show & Tell Friday – Special Linens   20 comments

For Show & Tell Friday this week, I would like to share some of the items in my linen closet.  There are some embroidered tea towels, tablecloths and hand towels.  I also have an appliqued tablecloth that has such beautiful detail, I almost don’t want to use it!  I love detail work and I am always looking for unique pieces to add to the collection.  Displaying them in different ways around the house is always a treat as well.  Some of the items are very special because my grandmother embroidered them for me.


 Head on over to  There is No Place Like Home for more Show & Tell Friday posts.  Happy Friday everyone.

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Show & Tell Friday – Hydrangea   26 comments

Hydrangea – any shrub belonging to the genus Hydrangea, of the saxifrage family, several species of which are cultivated for their large, showy flower clusters of white, pink, or blue.

I am so pleased with the colors of my Hydrangea this year!  Here are the “showy flower clusters” in my garden that I would like to share with all of you for Show & Tell Friday!


Check out There is No Place Like Home for more Show & Tell Friday posts and have a beautiful weekend!


Update:  These are different plants, but they all start off the really light color and progress to the deep purple color.

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The Cloudy, Sunny Summer Day   2 comments


The Cloudy, Sunny Summer Day
By Lana G!

The sun and the clouds were fighting for control of the sky today.
The wind was aiding both, yet aiding none.
A compromise was made. 
The sun decided to shine and the clouds burst forth with rain.
A rainbow sealed the deal.

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Baseball Day – A True Story   6 comments


Baseball Day

Oh great! Of all days I decide to
wear a dress to school – Baseball day at recess.

I was the last to be chosen for the team.
It came down to the chubby kid and me.
The deciding factor – he had a mitt. My mitt
was the classy knit poncho I decided to
accessorize my groovy little outfit with that morning.

My team captain was the cutest boy in school
who had no time for girls – especially
one certain girl in a dress on his baseball team.
Well too bad! I’ll show him what I could
do in my high fashion baseball uniform.

Yeah, like I would get to display
my skills in deep right field.
This is elementary school, folks.
I was bored, yet beautiful,
just standing there in deep right field.

Everything was going fine.
My teammates were forgetting about
dress girl with a poncho for a mitt until
the best hitter on the other team came up to bat.

He was a switch hitter and had the nerve
to point his stupid bat straight at me!
My teammates showed me their support by
groaning in unison.

My team captain who was playing first base
just glared at me with disgust and shook his head.
Well! Over my dead fashion statement body was
I going to put up with any of them!

First Pitch;
I hunkered down getting my poncho ready for its special task.

Second Pitch;
Exhilaration caused my dress to shimmer.

Third Pitch;
A hit.
My teammates watched in horror as the ball soared my way.

Oh, but little did they know that looks don’t mean a thing
and this fashion diva had three brothers
who taught her how to play baseball.

I caught that ball with my poncho mitt and
threw it straight and hard to an
opened mouthed, wide-eyed, rather good-looking,
stunned first baseman.

Three outs! End of recess!
Thank you Tim, Steve and Leonard for
giving this diva her baseball skills!
I love you guys!

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Blogging Story Carnival   7 comments

There’s a blogging carnival going on and I’m a little late in participating but hey, better late than never! Here we go:

* How did you start blogging?

I started reading my sibling’s blogs and wanted to join the fun. I liked how pretty you could make your stuff look!

* Did you intend to be a blog w/a following? If so, how did you go about it?

No, blogging was really new to me and I didn’t realize you could have a following. I was thinking a blog was more of a glamourized e-mail for family and friends to read.

* What do you hope to achieve or accomplish with your blog? Have you been successful? If not, do you have a plan to achieve those goals?

I love blogging. I want to share my heart, my Savior and some encouragement along this journey we are all on. If you can lift someone’s spirits, if you can pray for someone in need, if you can share a good word, then do it. It has been really fun to meet other bloggers in bloggy land. To see the different sites; to be part of a community that keeps growing.

* Has the focus of your blog changed since you started blogging? How?

Not really. The above response really spells out my focus.

* What do you know now that you wish you’d known when you started?I wish I would have started sooner!

* Do you make money with your blog?

No! But, the information and tips I have received are worth millions!

* Does your immediate or extended family know about your blog? If so, do they read it? If not, why?

Yes, most of my immediate family that are computer savvy do. My sister Ellen and brother Steve have blogs. I really think my sister Kathy would enjoy blogging.  Its funny, most of the family are phantom readers!  You know their out there, your just not sure what they think because they don’t comment!

* What two pieces of advice would you give to a new blogger?

Deleting comments you don’t want to deal with is OKAY! Its your blog not someone else’s forum or soapbox.

Check out Don’t Try This at Home and see what other bloggers are saying…

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