Bring on the Flowers!   23 comments

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Posted March 21, 2010 by Lana G! in Flowers, Mosaic, Mosaic Monday, Photo, Photography, Spring

23 responses to “Bring on the Flowers!

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  1. Wow! You have an amazing selection of blooms! Love all the spectacular colors. ~Jeanne

  2. Lovely photos! great mosaic!

  3. Wonderful flowers, wait until summer when the flowers are in full bloom 🙂

  4. What a great selection of flowers to welcome spring!

  5. So pretty! Are those all from your yard?

  6. Beautiful…where are you?

  7. Bring on the flowers for sure! Beautiful mosaic! Hurry Spring! Happy Mosaic Monday!

  8. What a lovely mosaic showing God’s amazing creation! Living in Montana, we will have a few weeks yet until we see much blooming, but a few shoots aer just starting to poke their heads up. youhave a wonderful, God-honoring blog and I will visit again often.

  9. I’m just loving all these flower photos. Yay, for spring.

  10. Beautiful!!! Wish I knew what kind of flowers those are. Amazing!

  11. Gorgeous mosaic!!

  12. They’re all gorgeous! What an assortment!

  13. WOW! So colorful. I can’t wait till the start blooming at our house!

  14. Now, that is a Mosaic…love those wonderful flowers…my favorite is the Bleeding Hearts!!!

  15. Wow truly delightful and lovely!

  16. This is truly a beautiful selection of flowers!


  17. A very blooming mosiac. Lovely. Valerie

  18. Lovin the C O L O R !

  19. A shower of flowers — how fun!

  20. OH MY…..these blooms are so pretty. Great Mosaic.

  21. Wow! Those colors are amazing. Beautiful flowers.

  22. Lovely! I have the same bleeding heart with the yellow leaves…………

  23. Love all those blooms! Happy Spring!

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