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  1. Sometimes Mary…most times Martha.

  2. Please Donate & Help Keep a Roof Over Our Heads

    How fast things can change. This time last week, we had a happy home, and now we’re going to have to find a new place to live.

    This past week I was doing some cleaning in our apartment and that’s when things went downhill. Since we’ve moved into our place over two years ago, slow drains have been an issue we’ve had to learn to deal with. We put some bleach down the drain that morning and it seemed to be working better, so I let some hot water run. This being the busiest work week of my life, I accidentally left the sink on for 30 minutes and unfortunately, though it did seem to be draining faster, it wasn’t completely better. The sink overflowed leaving some water damage in our floor and in the ceiling of the apartment below us. I felt just terrible for our neighbor, but thankfully, she said she wasn’t angry with us at all and that this had happened with everyone who has lived in our apartment.

    Fast forward a few hours — the landlords were absolutely furious. We’ve pretty much begged to help and for them to use our renter’s insurance, but after yelling at us the day it happened, they wouldn’t return our calls. Now today, we get home from celebrating my birthday and find a notice on our door that they’re doing a last inspection on Monday before we move out. We are quiet, kind tenants who always pay on time, so we were completely taken aback by this.

    For those of you who don’t know, after turning down paid positions in ministry, my husband and I left our home in New England to help with a church plant in Los Angeles for free. Since making that choice to obey the Lord’s leading, things haven’t always been easy for us in LA, but I have to believe there is a purpose behind it all. We have no family here and our friends all have one bedroom apartments, so please, if you can help in any way possible, it would mean everything to us. We just simply don’t have the money to pay for damages at our current home, as well as a security deposit plus first and last month’s rent in another apartment. We need your help to keep a roof over our heads.

    If you would like to donate, please give here:

    – Sarah ❤

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