Show & Tell Friday – Thankful   10 comments

For Show and Tell Friday this week I would like to first of all say that I am thankful for Kelli for hosting every week and my other blogging “neighbors” who participate!  I enjoy these times that I can visit all your “homes” and fellowship with all of you in a very special way!


My table is set for Thanksgiving and this year I will not only be thankful for family and friends, but I will also be thankful for this wonderful blogging community.  I will save a special place for all of you!

God Bless You All this Thanksgiving Season!

Now head on over to Kelli’s for more Show and Tell Friday!

10 responses to “Show & Tell Friday – Thankful

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  1. That is so inviting and lovely. Glad you ordered the turkey!

  2. Wow, I am so impressed; it is gorgious (sp?) I wish these comment thingy boxes came with a spell check!!

  3. You set a gorgeous table!

  4. How sweet. Love your table setting!!!

  5. oooh! I love that setting!

  6. Beautiful table setting!

  7. How lovely!!!

  8. Now, setting your table a week in advance is planning ahead!!! It sure is pretty!

  9. What a lovely table setting! Have a happy thanksgiving!

  10. What a sweet post! I am thankful for this wonderful blogging group of friends too! Your table looks beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving!

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