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Posted September 11, 2008 by Lana G! in Flag, Freedom, Honor, hope, Life, Photo, Photography, Sky Watch Friday!

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22 responses to “Never Forget

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  1. I know I’ll never forget that day…

  2. Wow your second collage is amazing!

  3. Your pictures today say a thousand words and feel a thousand feelings and a thousand pains…. A very emotional post and very beautiful pictures too in spite of it all….

    I you, will have a lovely day today….

  4. Great collages.

  5. We all need to remember the sky that day. We all watched a nightmare unfolding before our eyes and done by religious zealots. It is still hard for me to accept it.

  6. i also love your second collage

    Please drop at my SWF post also: in HERE and HERE Thanks

  7. very touching….

  8. I will never forget that day. Nice tribute!~

  9. Even though I live in Canada, I’ll never forget that day!

  10. It will never be forgotten. Nice tribute.

  11. It is not something we could forget it we wanted to. Nice collages.

  12. Not forgotten. All day, not forgotten.
    Poignant post.

    I have another site too so you can find my sky watch at the usual site and a second skywatch on my new site called Cath’s Cradle.
    Please come see if you get time.

  13. great montage!

  14. Couldn’t if I tried! Beautiful blog.

  15. Very Moving…Thanks for sharing..

    Happy SWF

  16. A great post on this special day, thanks for the specail post.

  17. Nice SWF post! Rembering 9-11. Great post!

  18. Never forgotten . . . NEVER! Thanks for sharing these poignant shots. I wrote two pieces about 9/11 on my blog. Hope you will stop by to see my SkyWatch contribution, then if you want, see my writeup. Thank you for posting these beautiful, poignant photos. Painful for some, they are a stark reminder. We must never forget that freedom isn’t free.

  19. Thank you for this superb tribute and your thoughtfulness on the date.

    I do not think anyone anywhere who witnessed seeing this live on TV, or on the news reels will EVER forget this. To have been there and lived it must be heart rendering at this time.

    I am honoured to see your post on Sky Watch.

  20. Thank you for sharing the photos and this beautiful tribute.

  21. Powerful post… incredible collages… a tragedy that affected the entire world. May it never ever repeat itself!!
    ~Michele J~
    Mountain Retreat

  22. Magnificent and a wonderful tribute. I for one will never forget September 11th without remembering the fact that the vicar who married us in my small village church 30 years before, lost his daughter who was visiting NY for a business meeting in the WTC. I have visited the Pennsylvania memorial, a simple make-shift but oh so beautiful memorial, with tributes from all around the world, near the site of the new one being built. The feeling of loss was so powerful. God Bless them all.

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