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It’s Friday and that means it’s time to share my Fave Five for the week with you.  Here we go!

1  Making moose meat shepherd’s pie – delicious!  Hubby was in Alaska and was given moose hamburger and sausage.  Not bad at all.

2.  Discovering Bellevue Downtown Park

3.  Finding THIS Quote from this book:

4.  Finding a new flower to add to my favorites!

5. This lotion!  Love the scent!!

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5 responses to “Fave Five Friday

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  1. Ha! you didn’t tell me you got moose meat! I love walking around Crabtree and Evelyn. And you already know I like that quote…
    Do you know the name of that happy flower?

  2. Love the flower, what is it? Wonder if it would grow in the Midwest or if I could even find it.

  3. The flower looks like a dahlia… is it?
    I saw the Father Brown mysteries on audiobook and now you’ve piqued my interest.
    Happy Friday!

  4. Love that flower! Beautiful in it’s simplicity. I’ve have had moose meat stew once long ago. It wasn’t too bad at all! And I agree that Father Brown book is sounding interesting!

  5. We’ve had some moose meat and sausages given to us but I have to confess I wasn’t crazy about the flavour.

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