Fave Five Friday   7 comments

It’s Friday and time for this week’s Fave Five!  Here they are:


1.  Picking the blackberries that were hanging over my backyard fence!

2.  Using the blackberries and other yummy fruit in my cereal! 


 3.  Changing my table to a fall setting.

4.  Sarah Palin’s Speech on Wednesday Night!!

5.  The sunset on my flight home last night!

 For more Fave Five on Friday visit Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.

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7 responses to “Fave Five Friday

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  1. Fun. Love the blackberry shot against the weathered fence. It’s about time you got your fave five up :0)
    I’m off for my morning walk. Talk to ya later…

  2. Oh your blackberries look luscious! What a treat to have them fresh on cereal! These were great! Thanks for playing again. I really enjoyed reading your favorite moments from your week!

  3. Your very own blackberries! WOW! And that sunset is pretty spectacular. Great set of fives 🙂

  4. What incredibly gorgeous pictures and a great list! So glad to hear from you. You have a nice blog here.

  5. Great fav five…..I loved Sarah Palin’s speech too!!

  6. Mmmm… your blackberries look so good, and on cereal too! I picked some from the bushes behind my work today, and can’t wait to bake something with them.

  7. Our blackberry bushes are chock full this year – the rain must be good for them 🙂 I love your sky shot.

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